BrightEdge claims to be unique as a marketing technology platform because it recognizes that the internet is a “content battleground” where battles are won by understanding your competition. 

The San Mateo, Calif.-based content marketing platform provider today released its fourth iteration to do just that: use analytics to understand what works and personalization metrics to shape content.

BrightEdge Content Optimizer 4.0 platform allows marketers to optimize content before it’s published by using a topic personalization engine powered by the company’s web content analytics technology “Data Cube,” company officials told CMSWire.

Their ‘Edge’

headshot of brad mattick of brightedge

“Most marketing technology companies have the same pattern — they look at first-party data only,” said Brad Mattick, vice president of marketing and products for the five-year-old, 300-employee company. “If they’re in email marketing, they’re looking at email only. The reality is consumers are not only looking at you. It’s a content battleground, and if you want to win you have to understand what the competition is doing.”

BrightEdge’s “Data Cube” crawls billions of interactions on the web and allows marketers to understand performance targets and the types of personas engaging with content. Mattick said it’s “kinda like a search engine, but we’re an enterprise software company and we make data available through our technology.”

The new release helps marketers fine-tune multiple topics for a particular audience and optimization scores that drive teams to develop content that performs, officials said.

Content Goals

Using the BrightEdge platform, content producers can track content optimization goals and make improvements using analytics. BrightEdge co-founder and CEO Jim Yu in a release discussed “understanding what your audience cares about and developing relevant content that drives meaningful engagement."

screenshot of brightedge content optimizer platform

Mattick added content marketing is more than “pushing out content” and “getting it out the door.” He said crafting successful content that bolsters customer loyalty and conversions goes beyond the content “artist.” It involves the people who understand what drives business results and how scoring content and optimizing it enter the mix.

Learning Opportunities

The content artist is meeting up with the content analyst to drive better results and personalized content to “drive performance for content and support companies goals around leveraging and positioning.”

“Marketing used to be siloed but it’s becoming much more cross-functional,” Mattick added.

New Features

Enhancements to the content optimizer platform include:

  • Content optimization score: Set content improvement targets for each marketer, to inspire them to complete recommendations and gain points toward their target score
  • Tailored optimization: Customize optimization measurement and assign more weight to elements of content programs (e.g. specific pages, products, geographies, etc.)
  • Topic personalization engine: BrightEdge Data Cube allows marketers to improve the performance of multiple topics on a page and pinpoint the group of topics the audience cares about most, officials claim

“Every enterprise is different,” Mattick said. “We tailor what works for a business based on their business needs and what the business does.”

Busy Third Quarter

In September, BrightEdge unveiled (to be released next quarter) Content Atlas and Intelligent Experiences, which they claimed works together to "create real-time visibility into an organization’s content marketing program." A cloud-based multi-dimensional dashboard, Content Atlas allows marketers to access insights on content to more easily communicate the impact on business results; and Intelligent Experience “empowers practitioners to create more engaging, curated experiences for consumers.” 

The same month, BrightEdge held its fifth annual conference, BrightEdge Share, in San Francisco which featured around 1,000 people. BrightEdge also produces its S3 platform powered by big data analysis engine that provides web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile.

Title image by Reymark Franke

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