Technologists and vendors alike have long used the term “stacks” to represent the pieces of technology they own. They don't actually exist, in the way that, say, a pancake stack exists. 

It's just a way to say you have more than one piece of technology you use synchronously or asynchronously.

But one provider wants to help marketers actually build out their stacks and track their marketing technology tools. It even provides an option to collaborate with other marketers about their MarTech “stacks.”

Boston-based CabinetM, which connects marketers to marketing technology, just introduced MyStacks to help marketers and agencies create, share and collaborate around marketing technology stacks.

Ask the Godfather

Is there a burning need for MarTech stack management?

We turned to the Godfather of Marketing Technology himself, Scott Brinker, the man behind the now-famous Marketing Technology Landscape, which puts all MarTech vendors into one infographic. The 2016 edition is due out soon, especially with Brinker's San Francisco conference looming.

“I'm almost done with the 2016 marketing technology landscape,” Boston-based Brinker told CMSWire, “and I can safely say that it represents an incredible blossoming of new innovations and growth across many MarTech categories. As marketers organize their marketing stacks, they stand to harness this diverse landscape as a blessing, not a curse.”

Brinker said services such as CabinetM's make it easier to design and manage multi-vendor solutions "effectively and efficiently."

Essentially, the MyStacks platform would make users like mini-Brinkers. They’d cultivate their pieces of marketing technology into one place, place them into categories and provide relevant information. They can also share their stacks with other marketers.

Sheryl Schultz

Sheryl Schultz, founder, president and co-CMO at 2-year-old CabinetM, told CMSWire that the new tool provides marketing teams with an easy and visual way to share information about products that are being used or tested.

“Users can annotate each element of the marketing stack with detail about product function, spend, performance and integration and then easily share that information with team members or other internal marketing departments. For CMOs, it provides a simple way for them to track tools use across their organization, and manage it across geographies, programs or function — and look across all the layers to identify opportunities to improve ROI on marketing spend,” she said.

Last year, Brinker’s landscape for marketing technology nearly doubled from the prior year to more than 1,800 software vendors. Schultz said the CabinetM team has catalogued more than 4,500 pieces of technology, representing about 3,600 companies. On the CabinetM platform, those are indexed across more than 275 categories, she told CMSWire.

Learning Opportunities

“We are working very closely with Scott,” Schultz said, “and expect his 2016 landscape to reflect the growth in the industry that we have seen.”

Inside Your Stack

MyStacks allows marketers to:

  • Use drag and drop configuration 
  • Leverage a database of more than 4,500 marketing technology solutions, indexed across hundreds of categories
  • Create and annotate marketing stacks with information related to product function, spend, performance and integration
  • Save, share or export stacks for use in marketing, budget or strategy presentations
  • Click through each product in the visual stack to access detailed profiles
  • Visualize a mix of new and existing tools and how they integrate
  • Use StacksUp, a community forum to collaborate with peers on marketing stacks, and to showcase expertise by branding stacks, or contributing anonymously for the benefit of the crowd. 
  • Tap StacksInsights, a content center dedicated to perspectives on creating marketing stacks
cabinetm mystacks platform

Agency directors, media buyers and digital experts can also use MyStacks, officials said, to manage client relationships around tool use and discovery, identify the right tools for clients, showcase full stacks, share tool experiences among client teams and publicly showcase their expertise in both building stacks and understanding tools.

CabinetM’s basic subscription is free to marketing professionals, agencies and marketing technology companies, with opportunities for premium upgrades.

'Huge Opportunity?'

In a press release announcing the new product, CabinetM quotes MarTech watcher Travis Wright.

“Marketing stacks are a competitive, strategic and frankly, must-have tool for today’s modern marketer,” explained Wright, chief marketing technologist at Chicago-based CCP Global.

He added that the MyStacks tool "extends a huge opportunity for agencies and companies trying to figure out the complex nature of building an ideal marketing technology stack."

CabinetM was founded in January 2014 by Anita Brearton and Schultz, two long-time marketers who both grew up in the tech startup world. It currently has a dozen employees in the US and a development and QA team overseas. The MarTech product directory was released last May with 2,500 product profiles. The complete CabinetM MarTech marketplace and collaboration launched in November. 

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