As CMSWire author  wrote, we are officially in the era of account-based marketing (ABM)

Madison Logic is an investor. 

Last month the New York City B2B marketer technology provider acquired a B2B lead-generation company to expand its ABM program. Yesterday Madison Logic announced a partnership with YesPath, a San Francisco ABM platform for adaptive campaigns. The product integration will allow YesPath customers to trigger media campaigns in response to buyer signals.

YesPath, founded by former Salesforce executives Jason Garoutte and Brian Zotter, came out of stealth this year and is backed by artificial intelligence and big data technologies.

"The YesPath team has developed an innovative approach to account-based marketing," Vin Turk, Madison Logic co-founder and SVP of audience development, said in a statement. "By combining this approach with Madison Logic's rich data, clients now have unprecedented reach and scale to deliver the most relevant content to the most receptive prospects."

Intent Leads to Content

YesPath uses real-time signals such as intent and engagement to identify accounts. It then matches those accounts to content. That's when the Madison Logic engine comes in. It launches media programs across channels and also target personas with intent data and role data. 

The result: Marketers can shift spend between accounts and individuals.

YesPath CEO Jason Garoutte said Madison Logic and YesPath will power account-centric journeys that marketers want. 

"Together," he said, "we've made it easy to educate decision-makers when they're most receptive to vendor content."

Swayne Hill, vice president of sales and marketing of Kaleo Software, said his company has been able to use YesPath to track accounts over time and detect interest in products that Kaleo Software offers.

"Together," he said, "YesPath and Madison Logic are targeting those accounts automatically by promoting our content to the right people inside. This is our No. 1 channel for new pipeline."

Learning Opportunities

ABM Acquisition

Last month, Madison Logic acquired B2B lead-generation company Internal Results to expand its ABM beyond the US and into Europe and Asia. Madison Logic officials told CMSWire the Dublin-based provider will help Madison Logic execute media and marketing campaigns on a global scale.

“This data set complements and adds to our rich data set that we already have in the US,” Tom O’Regan.

“This is all around verification,” O’Regan added. “For a long time there were so many marketers going after a large pool of individuals and companies and not really seeing the verification of that. Organizations have always been set up and based on accounts. Sales teams align with the top accounts. Only now you have marketers, CMOs and CFOs aligned to be more efficient, to look at marketing spend and to track return on investment.”

Think ABM is hot? You're right.

A recent SiriusDecisions study reported 92 percent of B2B companies called ABM “extremely important” to their overall marketing efforts, and 60 percent plan to invest in ABM in the next year.

Many MarTech providers are banking on it, from startups to industry veterans.

Madison Logic also last month partnered with Mintigo, a provider of predictive marketing and salestechnology, to to enhance its account-based marketing program. Mintigo claims access to more than 287million known facts across 11 million organizations.