On the heels of securing $90M in Series C funding from Great Hill Partners, Terminus announced its API integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

In a statement, Terminus chief product officer Bryan Wade said the following:

“ABM and how teams go-to-market has significantly evolved since we first integrated with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in 2018. We’re completely re-launching this integration with new and expanded capabilities to meet our customers’ needs for larger lists, support for all LinkedIn ad types, and significantly improved match rates.”

With new and extended capabilities to meet the needs of customers that require larger lists, support for all LinkedIn ad types, and improved match rates, the API integration now includes the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Improved account matching and targeting: Customers can now target larger lists of companies with an increased list size of 10,000 accounts.
  • Campaign-level reporting: Customers will soon be able to view LinkedIn ad campaigns alongside other campaigns directly in Terminus.
  • Support for all LinkedIn ad types: The new integration means mutual customers can use all LinkedIn ad formats including Sponsored Content, video ads, Lead Gen Forms, and more.

Corrina Owens, Director of Marketing with Profisee, a Terminus customer, gave the following statement about the latest API integration: “The new Terminus integration with LinkedIn enables a real-time data exchange that is a game-changer for marketers that are looking to marry their account-based and demand generation strategies. This direct data integration tie accounts lists in Terminus with the most relevant content for our prospects where they consume it the most.”

Back in February, Terminus raised a $90 million Series C from Boston-based Great Hill Partners along with participation from Atlanta Ventures, Edison Partners, and Hallett Capital, with the intent to accelerate data products innovation, hiring and market expansion.

“Continued innovation for our customers is our #1 priority. This infusion of capital accelerates our ability to bring the best data, channels, and analytics all together in one hub to power high-performing go-to-market teams. We helped launch the account-based movement seven years ago, but ABM has evolved into so much more than marketing; it’s how companies bring GTM teams – marketing, sales, and customer success – together to drive long-term revenue growth,” said Tim Kopp, Terminus’ chief executive officer in the press release.

To learn more about Terminus and what the extended integration means for customers visit the Terminus blog.

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