6sense, a company known for its diverse use of AI throughout the revenue production process, launched 6sense Revenue AI and previewed new product advancements.

The platform leverages AI throughout the buyer's journey, eliminating the guesswork that plagues revenue teams, improving the customer experience and generating high-quality pipelines that are more likely to convert.

According to Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense, the platform offers all-in-one AI and is revenue-obsessed because it has seen what is possible when a complete revenue team has access to AI.

AI's Results Enhance Income Predictably

Artificial intelligence has the potential to displace hunch-based techniques in favor of real-time, data-driven insights and next best actions. Thus, the key focus of the announcement is artificial intelligence. The results generate consistent revenue growth.

“We’ve experienced the frustration that guesswork causes and how it impedes revenue generation," Zintak told CMSWire.

"Sellers get a list of accounts, but do they know who to call today to have the greatest revenue impact? Marketing has a budget and big goals for a digital campaign, but are they targeting the right people, on the right channels, with the right message to net the best ROI? Customer success professionals try to anticipate customers’ needs, but what if they’re missing churn signals — or, conversely, renewal or upsell readiness?"

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AI Makes Revenue Growth Forecasting Possible

Any B2B company seeking a competitive advantage and predictable revenue growth will benefit from 6sense Revenue AI, whether their team is just getting started with an account-based approach or they’ve successfully adopted ABM/ABX.

6sense’s most recent product enhancements will improve the workdays of people across the revenue team — from the C-suite to BDRs and entry-level RevOps specialists. Each team member will be more effective, efficient and successful when leveraging 6sense to capture anonymous buying signals, target the right accounts at the right time and boost performance across channels.

“Predictable revenue growth relies on everyone working together and singing from the same sheet of music, and we’re dedicated to providing it,” said Zintak.

Learning Opportunities

What’s Next for 6sense?

Zintak told CMSWire that 6sense is dedicated to delivering on a daring strategy for predictable revenue growth in the future. They will continue to invest in the people and technology necessary to execute their ambitious product roadmap and innovation plan, which includes further combining the huge capabilities of Fortella, Slintel and Saleswhale to uncover valuable and new capabilities.

In the coming months, 6sense plans to offer:

  • More data, enrichment and reporting: 6sense will provide technographic intelligence so that organizations can contextualize data and target their best opportunities. Pipeline intelligence will make it easy for revenue teams to use AI to forecast their marketing pipeline.
  • Orchestration of everything: Orchestration workflows allow revenue leaders to do things like set desired goals and get AI-driven recommendations on which audiences to activate and with which tactics to achieve their orchestration goal.
  • More integrated experiences: 6sense is working with a number of partners to develop unique and valuable integrated experiences. At the same time, they're creating additional APIs to support an even larger partner ecosystem for the benefit of customers to leverage 6sense capabilities more seamlessly in their tech stack investments.

In 2021, 6sense announced the release of more than 50 new product features, in addition to the three acquisitions mentioned above, all within six months of each other.

It also expanded its robust and growing ecosystem of partners, which now includes Drift, Mediafly, Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, Salesloft and others. Many of these partnerships were deepened this past year to enhance data and decision consistency.

Last year, 6sense also launched the RevTech Revolution and made a commitment to transform the B2B buying and selling experience. The RevTech Revolution encompasses account-based marketing, bringing together marketing and sales, customer success, RevOps and the rest of the revenue team to spur the kind of change they believe the industry needs.

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