Emplifi, which provides customer experience software solutions, has announced a $1 billion investment from Sixth Street Growth and LionTree Merchant Bank. Emplifi provides customers with the ability to combine social media marketing, customer support and social commerce with the goal of addressing important customer experience gaps, according to CEO Mark Zablan.

Emplifi is a leading customer experience platform, with technology spanning social media marketing, social commerce and customer care," Zablan told CMSWire. "These are the three key areas of the customer journey. ... The money will be used to support investment in executing on our vision, to make Emplifi the platform of choice for brands with a modern, social-first approach to their customers. The modern consumer is using social media across marketing, commerce and care, and that’s where savvy brands need to be. Emplifi’s mission is to enable brands to delight their customers at every step of the digital customer journey. We will also invest in hiring for key roles across teams and markets.”

Emplifi Covers 'Complete Social Customer Journey'

Emplifi's Social Commerce Cloud allows companies to contact customers where they are already spending their time on social media by enabling instantaneous buying experiences natively inside major social stores such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others, according to Zablan.

The live commerce and live care platform provided by Emplifi connects online consumers with in-store professionals, bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences for companies, he added. Emplifi covers the complete social customer journey, from marketing to commerce to care, in a single integrated platform with embedded artificial intelligence.

Their most recent significant release focused on a product called Social Care. Customers today utilize social media and texting for almost everything, including finding new items, researching purchases, sharing their experiences and obtaining service and assistance. Emplifi Social Care allows businesses to provide consumers with an instant social experience, resulting in a significantly improved customer experience across digital channels, according to Zablan.

“Emplifi Social Care integrates directly with Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud and comes standard with Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud," Zablan added. "It also integrates with Emplifi Service Cloud to ensure more complex customer cases can be managed by service departments without losing context or continuity."

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Learning Opportunities

Social Behaviors Grow in Chat, Live Video

Zablan predicts companies will increasingly use not just social media platforms, but also social "behaviors," such as chat and live video, in their interactions with customers. Customers want to interact with companies when, when, and how they want. Convenience is essential, he added, and strong social will become much more important in delivering good CX.

Emplifi's strategy is to continue investing in its three clouds — Social Marketing Cloud, Social Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud.

Emplifi as a brand was launched last year. The business was born out of the marriage between Astute Solutions, a customer engagement business, and Socialbakers, a social media marketing platform. The Emplifi business was wholly owned by Audax, a private equity investor.

This month's news is the first round of funding since the launch of Emplifi. It has 800 employees across the globe, with offices in New York, London, Paris, Sydney, to name a few.

"Stay tuned: you’ll be seeing a lot from Emplifi over the next year," Zablan said. "We have an aggressive product roadmap and with the backing we have from both Audax and Sixth Street, we will be focused on execution and delivering value to our customers."

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