AI may be the hottest topic these days, but that doesn't overshadow other major CX topics. This weeks highlights AI, yes, but also social media marketing, original research and Twitter/X Corp news. 

These are just a few topics from this past week on CMSWire. Read on for these stories, tips on prompt engineering and more:

  • 5 Keys to Turn Original Research Into a High-ROI Content Marketing Machine Chitra Iyer | April 26. Only about 30% of marketers use original research in their strategies, but it can be quite beneficial. This is largely because doing the research incorrectly and presenting incorrect data can cost your brand its credibility. How can this be avoided.
  • Sitecore Incorporates OpenAI Generative AI Into Software Solutions Jennifer Torres | April 25. Sitecore, a digital customer experience software provider, has announced an integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its composable software solutions. Sitecore officials say it will enable marketers to integrate generative AI functionality into their Sitecore-powered marketing technology stack.
  • The Slow Death of Twitter and the Birth of X Corp Rich Hein | April 24. On April 18, Twitter Inc. transformed into X Corp. Elon Musk aims to make an “everything app” called X. Twitter continues to spiral downward, but what will X bring?
  • Transforming Ecommerce With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Shameem Smillie | April 24. Many ecommerce sites are continuously increasing personalization abilities. Expanding AI integration allows customers to experience that. It seems that CX will be transformed as AI grows.
  • How Social Media Marketing Has Changed This Year Scott Clark | April 25. Social media marketing allows brands to reach customers in a wide variety of channels. Key things for businesses to keep in minds include maintaining authenticity and taking care when choosing influencers or platforms.

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