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  • Sitecore's big announcement. OpenAI ChatGPT integration meets digital customer experience. 
  • Sitecore XM Cloud. The company announces enhancements and updates.

Sitecore, a digital customer experience software provider, announced today a complete integration of Open AI’s ChatGPT across its array of composable software solutions. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Sitecore officials say the new OpenAI service will enable marketers to integrate generative AI functionality into their Sitecore-powered marketing technology stack.

“Kudos to Sitecore for demonstrating one of the main value propositions of leveraging a composable, API-first product ecosystem," Adam Wolf, CTO of Wunderman Thompson, and seven-time Sitecore MVP, told CMSWire. "There is so much low hanging fruit as it pertains to content automation with OpenAI.”

Dave O'Flanagan, Sitecore's chief product officer, said the integration of ChatGPT into the Sitecore XM Cloud Content Management System (CMS) enables marketers to translate content for different regions, use ChatGPT to rephrase marketing copy created in Content Hub to better target specific segments and channels and utilize DALL E 2 to generate image variants for omnichannel campaigns managed across Sitecore's Content Cloud.

“What makes our Generative AI offering so innovative is our composable strategy,” O’Flanagan said in a statement. “Generative AI developments are moving incredibly fast. In fact, while 77% of US marketers feel their technology can handle AI demands, 45% are concerned by the significant costs they perceive will be required to maintain growth. Sitecore’s composable platform helps combat this fear by giving Sitecore customers the ability to leverage our unique, composable offering, which allows brands to control when and how much spend they can invest depending on customer needs.”

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Sitecore XM Cloud Introduces New Component Capabilities for Marketers

Sitecore also unveiled the latest enhancements to its cloud-based CMS, XM Cloud. Originally launched in July, the release of XM Cloud marks a major step toward making the main elements of its platform accessible through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), according to Sitecore officials. A key highlight of Sitecore XM Cloud was its provision of the CMS on a SaaS basis, which filled a critical gap in Sitecore's offerings as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) founded on composable architecture.

Now with the newly released XM Cloud Components (a Front End as a Service (FEaaS) composer) marketers can design their brand's digital style guide and create visually appealing components. Users can either build new components from scratch or import existing HTML to customize them. By mapping data sources to components, marketers can create responsive components that can be reused across various digital platforms, saving time and promoting brand consistency.

"XM Cloud Components is a game-changer offering from Sitecore in the Composable DXP ecosystem. Due to its low-code/no-code architecture, it will allow content authors, UX designers and marketers to collaborate in a parallel way and reduce time to market," said Kiran Patil, a seven-time Sitecore MVP and group technology director at Horizontal Digital. "This will help business create their components with minimal, no development inputs. XM Cloud Components can be consumed on the Sitecore platform as well as the non-Sitecore platform. The benefit of this is — you design and develop the component once and use it across all your digital channels. In the future, if you have to make any update, you will only update in one place and it should reflect on all channels."

The new features are also fully integrated with XM Cloud Pages.

Learning Opportunities

“We’re thrilled to introduce this new component capability to our XM Cloud platform, designed to enable marketers, designers and developers to work in harmony” O’Flanagan said. “With the ability to compose on-brand, dynamic page components, brands can remain agile and responsive to customer needs in real-time, which is essential in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Our modern SaaS-based DXP provides limitless opportunities for brands to plug and play new technologies such as ChatGPT, introducing a new level of flexibility to adapt and respond to technology innovations and the ever-changing customer needs.”

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Sitecore Updates Search, Connect, Send

In addition to XM Cloud Components, Sitecore also unveiled a number of other updates, including user interface improvements, enhanced preview capabilities, better content modeling and improved developer experience in Content Hub One. Sitecore Search has also been updated with increased AI and analytics capabilities enabling the tech to better recognize questions in different formats, and new global support for double-byte characters like Chinese. 

“We integrated Sitecore Search on to revamp the search experience on our own website,” Hannah Grap, VP of corporate marketing at Sitecore, said in a statement. “Within a month from implementation, we saw a 25% increase in click-through rate and doubled the amount of relevant content to our visitors for some of our top keywords.”

Sitecore Connect launched in October. And just today, the company announced new pre-built connectors that provide a variety of new capabilities, such as content integration and the use of generative AI tech (ChatGPT) and stable diffusion (DALL E 2) to strengthen content in the composable DXP. They are now available for a range of products, including Content Hub ONE, Content Hub DAM and Ops, CDP, Send and OrderCloud.

Sitecore also revealed new features and enhancements within its email marketing solution, Sitecore Send. They include a new “mobile-friendly” design, an AI-powered audience discovery tool that helps marketers find and target different groups of customers based on their specific interests and buying intent, and a restyled email designer to create compelling email campaigns.

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