Nearly 60% of marketers report the metaverse as the most successful channel on which they advertise, according to new research from Qualtrics.

Is the world of augmented reality and virtual reality the marketing channel of the future? Maybe. Some are positive about it. Some say it's years away.

Meanwhile, Qualtrics also found that 90% of marketers think there are currently too many channels on which to engage with consumers. This has led to conflicting responses: 35% of marketers shared that their top priority was to drive growth; 29% of marketers said their greatest challenge was to improve customer loyalty.

“During times of uncertainty, marketers and CMOs need data to back their decisions,” Michel Feaster, Qualtrics chief product officer of research, said in a statement. “It’s clear that marketers are overwhelmed with the complexity of reaching and engaging with consumers."

Not all marketers were all-in on the metaverse: 37% don’t currently advertise on the metaverse because they can't validate metaverse advertising works. Additionally, most consumers spend more time on other channels; TV, podcast and social (YouTube, Facebook/meta, Twitter, TikTok) outranked the metaverse. However, more than half of consumers (62%) said they are open to purchasing products on the metaverse.

Other takeaways from the study included:

  • 97% of marketers say they will likely be advertising more on the metaverse five years from now
  • The demographic that spends the most time on the metaverse are males (63%) and consumers aged 26–41 (59%)
  • The top platforms consumers pay the most attention to advertisements on are: YouTube (58%), Facebook/meta (43%), TV (36%), Instagram (30%) and Metaverse (19%)

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news...

MACH Alliance Appoints Holly Hall as Managing Director

MACH Alliance, a group of independent tech companies that supports open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, has announced it has appointed its first managing director: Holly Hall will begin September 1.

MACH Alliance President Sonja Keerl will move to the advisory board.

“MACH Alliance is backed by some of the biggest and most trusted names in technology, and there’s so much I’m eager to accomplish with two hugely successful years already under our belt,” Hall said in a press release. “I’ll focus on striking the balance between accelerating our growth, building the global community while still maintaining the utmost integrity of the MACH certification. I’ll also look to expand our presence on the ground at events and other networking opportunities. We’ll be in more places, in more ways than ever before."

Hall currently serves as head of The Drum Network. Prior to The Drum, she was managing director of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA).

The Alliance also announced four new executive board appointments:

  • Gordana Vuckovic, on behalf of Vue Storefront

  • Chris Bach, on behalf of Netlify

  • Dom Selvon, on behalf of E2X

  • Jon Panella, on behalf of Publicis Sapient

Jasmin Guthmann will take Keerl’s seat on the executive board on behalf of Contentstack, and Casper Rasmussen representing Valtech will replace Pascal Lagarde, who will move to the advisory board.

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Learning Opportunities

Konnecto Raises $21M

Konnecto, a prescriptive marketing platform, has announced that it has secured $21M in Series A financing led by PeakSpan Capital. Existing investors TPY Capital, Mindset Ventures, Differential Ventures, SeedIL Ventures and Magna Capital Partners also participated in the oversubscribed round, bringing the total capital raised by Konnecto to $29M to date.

"Our investment in Konnecto is part of a long-standing thesis we've been developing centered around partnering with businesses that have demonstrated an ability to drive specific, tangible outcomes and significant performance improvement for marketers amidst an incredibly noisy vendor landscape and increasingly uncertain environment related to data privacy and global compliance mandates," Matt Melymuka, co-founder & managing partner, PeakSpan Capital, said in a statement.

"Macroeconomic pressure is forcing companies to be more efficient as budgets are slashed across the board," Melymuka continued, "while still satisfying an expectation to execute at the highest level and generate attractive and continuously improving performance. That is obviously a tall order."

Erez Nahom, Konnecto CEO and co-founder, said in a statement that companies need to stop using marketing dollars wastefully. Konnecto helps with insights and actions that can drive conversions. "We look forward to our latest funding helping to scale our product," Nahom said, "for organizations that look to stop the customer acquisition guessing game and improve their marketing efficiency significantly."

SupportLogic Launches Agent Coaching and Evaluation (ACE) Application

SupportLogic, a support experience platform, has announced the availability of new functionality: Agent Coaching and Evaluation (ACE). This new feature set is available in SX Elevate, an application module within the SupportLogic SX Platform.

"The 'great resignation' and the 'great talent reshuffle' have affected support organizations as much, if not more, than any other part of the workforce," John Ragsdale, distinguished researcher and VP of Technology Ecosystems at TSIA, said in a statement. "Couple that with a potentially volatile economy and it has become clear that now, more than ever, support leaders must invest in innovative technology to keep employees engaged and informed, so that they can significantly improve the customer experience and eliminate the high costs associated with agent attrition."

SupportLogic ACE is designed to solve the issues around agent and case quality monitoring. It is driven by AI and machine learning and provides analysis of a user's cases to find sentiment among interactions and provide real-time coaching.

SupportLogic ACE also includes:

  • Sample rubrics and a simple tool for creating and deploying case evaluation rubrics
  • Auto-selection of relevant cases with good, bad and neutral "interesting moments" to review
  • In-line suggestions for coaching inside each case, and a streamlined review process wizard
  • Agent scorecard capabilities to track progress over time

"One of the biggest barriers to providing useful, consistent feedback and coaching to agents is the inability to manually gather pertinent coaching moments that are buried inside case interactions," Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic, said in a statement.

He added, "The beauty of our platform and ACE is that it reads 100% of cases — providing a far more robust series of insights about how support engineers are truly performing. This allows managers to stay continuously engaged and offer help and coaching right when it's needed. This leads to not just better performing support teams, but also happier agents and higher employee retention."

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