SAP is taking its $8 billion acquisition of customer experience and employee experience management provider Qualtrics public. SAP announced Sunday, July 26, its intent to take Qualtrics public through an initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S. SAP, looking to extend its offerings on the front end or customer experience side, acquired Qualtrics in 2018.

SAP in a press release said it intends to remain the majority owner of Qualtrics, adding the IPO move comes to help solidify Qualtrics’ ability to "capture its full market potential within Experience Management." This will help to increase Qualtrics’ autonomy and enable it to expand its footprint both within SAP’s customer base and beyond.

Experts in 2018 told CMSWire the SAP-Qualtrics deal underscores the need to marry operational data with experience data, a marriage that is fundamental to the future of effective data-driven marketing. SAP was essentially an “everything platform,” but didn’t have the customer experience data to support its offerings, according to Scott Webb, president of Avionos

SAP CEO Christian Klein said in a press release his company will continue to remain Qualtrics’ largest research and development partner. With the IPO, Qualtrics will have greater independence to broaden its base by partnering and building out the entire experience management ecosystem. Qualtrics is part of SAP’s cloud portfolio.

Qualtrics had planned on going public in 2018 before the SAP acquisition, which gave SAP 100% of Qualtrics shares. SAP will retain majority ownership of Qualtrics and has no intention of spinning off or otherwise divesting its majority ownership interest, according to company officials, and a final decision on the IPO and its conditions and timing is pending and subject to market conditions.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news...

Adobe Updates Personalization, Commerce Offerings

Adobe Target, Adobe's personalization software offering, now includes the ability to use Adobe Analytics-enhanced reporting with the AI-powered testing and personalization capabilities, Adobe announced this week. Those capabilities include auto-allocate, auto-target and recommendations, all leveraging Adobe Sensei, the company's AI and machine learning technology.

The updates also include a new Target dashboard in Adobe's Analysis Workspace that is designed to provide visualizations and analysis. Adobe officials promised faster automation-driven testing and personalization activity execution. Highlights of the update also include:

  • Adobe Target alongside Adobe Analytics, which provides no-variance results.
  • A pre-configured, server-to-server integration with Adobe Analytics.
  • Marketers can use all of their Analytics segments and success metrics in reports.

Adobe also announced updates to its Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source offering. New approval workflow functionality included in Magento 2.4 is designed to help B2B-buying companies customize their approval processes. They can define approval rules based on order value, number of SKUs or shipping costs. Approvers of sales are automatically notified when reviews are required. Buyers also receive notifications at each stage of the purchasing process.

Adobe also released the latest version of Progressive Web Applications Studio for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source, which introduces new Venia storefront experiences built using Page Builder content types, and a cart and checkout workflow. The update includes an extensibility framework.

Sprinklr Introduces Sandbox

Sprinklr, which provides a Customer Experience Management platform (CXM), has introduced Sprinklr Sandbox. The Sprinklr Sandbox provides an environment to test, train or troubleshoot. Companies can choose from two Sprinklr Sandbox options:

Learning Opportunities

  • Standard Sandbox: Testing environment with true configuration details (rules, workflows, approval paths, etc.) intended for development and testing in an isolated environment.
  • Premium Sandbox: Near copy of a live production environment and inclusive of data such as messages, profiles, assets, etc. It's intended to be used as a staging, and/or training environment.

Users in each environment can revert a deployed change in the live environment, push selective changes or new configurations from Sprinklr Sandbox to the live environment, map a branded channel account to a test account in Sprinklr Sandbox for end-to-end testing of new features, capture a complete version history of actions taken by individuals in the Sprinklr Sandbox and manage user access to Sprinklr Sandbox capabilities.

Copilot Launches CX Trend System

Copilot, an automated customer experience platform created for consumer electronics companies, has announced the launch of a new CX Trend system for early detection of a drop in customer satisfaction, reflected by major online stores ratings. Users of Copilot and its trends system can collect usage data from their smart products to study consumer behaviors. They can engage with end-users through contextual messages.

Acquia Partners with Xillio to Accelerate Drupal Migrations

Digital experience company Acquia has announced a partnership with content migration software and services company Xillio. The goal is to power the Acquia Migrate Re-Platform solution (formerly CMS Migrate), which allows users to move their website’s content and data from other content management systems to Drupal 9.

Acquia Migrate Analyze allows customers to extract their content and data from any non-Drupal CMS into reports on content before migrating to Drupal 9. This solution is also offered in partnership with Xillio.

CallRail Updates Conversation Intelligence

CallRail, an analytics platform, announced a new version of its Conversation Intelligence product that helps businesses analyze phone calls and take action. It includes automated call transcription and AI-powered call analysis.

The updated Conversation Intelligence product includes call transcription accuracy and new word cloud reporting to help visualize patterns and highlights trends across customer conversations. The enhancements are built on the core Conversation Intelligence technology that categorizes and highlights calls based on specific keywords identified in conversations.

Chorus.AI Nets $45 Million, a Conversation Intelligence Platform for revenue teams, has closed a $45 million Series C round. Georgian Partners led the round with renewed participation from Emergence Capital, Redpoint Ventures and new investor Sozo Ventures.

The company has raised a total of $85.2 million. It offers AI-driven coaching networks and a connected conversational intelligence and provides data and insights both in the platform and directly to other applications.

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