Treasure Data, which provides a customer data platform (CDP), has announced a strategic relationship with Sinch, a cloud communications and mobile customer interaction provider. The partnership aims to provide customers with more tailored and engaging conversations across multiple channels.

The alliance focuses on meeting the requirements of companies to more effectively engage their customers through mobile channels using real-time profiles, according to Thomas Kurian, head of new markets at Treasure Data. The unified solution also enables 360-degree customer engagements for reaching out to audiences through marketing campaigns, automating discussions using AI chatbots and speech bots and servicing them via service agents, Kurian said.

Linking Data Points Across Customer Journey

Customers can obtain information from their brands via their chosen communication channels because Treasure Data and Sinch link data points across the customer journey utilizing Treasure Data's CDP in conjunction with Sinch's SaaS and CPaaS offerings. This includes email, text, phone and mobile chat channels like WhatsApp, iMessage and Telegram.

The combined Treasure Data and Sinch solution is of interest to CMOs, directors/VPs/SVPs of marketing, and CX managers, among others. These include practitioners that want to engage customers through more personalized and customized interactions across a broad range of communications mechanisms such as mobile and social media, according to Kurian.

“This partnership originated from Treasure Data client requests to easily access unified consumer data, insights and personalized recommendations from contact centers, mobile marketing campaigns and conversational AI sources,” Kurian said.

The combined offering is available now. Pricing for new and existing customers varies depending on a number of factors, Kurian added.

“We are seeing a clear trend of customers wanting to not only just receive information from their favorite brands, but also to get personalized content and the option to engage on their mobile device,” Rick van Esch, vice president of SaaS Business at Sinch, said in a press release. “The only way to get that level of information, and provide experiences the market demands, is to connect data points over the course of the customer journey with a best-of-breed CDP like Treasure Data. When we combine this with our SaaS products and CPaaS, which has access to virtually any mobile phone on the planet using the customer’s preferred channel, we have an extremely appealing offering to businesses worldwide to connect with their customers.”

Learning Opportunities

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Treasure Data, Sinch Recent Roadmap

Kurian told CMSWire Treasure Data anticipates announcing the launch of other products later in 2022.

Treasure Data’s last product release focused on the launch of its Journey Orchestration solution. Treasure Data Journey Orchestration (TDJO) enables marketers and customer experience managers to create customer experiences at scale that cut across channels, campaigns and business units, Kurian added. TDJO integrates enterprise CDP capabilities to produce data and recommendations for each customer journey stage and interaction across marketing, service and sales. TDJO provides a central location for data and insights, brought together in AI-powered customer profiles that unite teams and systems across internal business units and between different brands.

With a visual, no-code canvas, marketers can plan, monitor and optimize journeys personalized for each customer as they progress from awareness to purchase to brand loyalty and beyond, according to Kurian.

The most recent release from Sinch included enhanced MMS messaging and personalization for Oracle Responsys. Coupled with Oracle Responsys’ personalization and content management services and powered by, the Sinch MMS App delivers a capabilities in demand by Oracle customers. The Sinch MMS Messaging App expands Responsys’ by adding video, audio, PDF, vCard, extended text payload and geo-location maps to existing image media support.

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