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  • Adobe Summit 2023. Adobe enters the generative AI game with the introduction of Firefly and Sensei GenAI.
  • Gates OK with AI. In a new article Gates shares his current views on AI and says artificial intelligence is as "revolutionary as mobile phones and the Internet."
  • Microsoft Bing Image Creator. Microsoft launches new AI tech to generate images that match the user's text, using a database of millions of images. 

LAST VEGAS — This week’s All in on AI column comes to you direct from Adobe Summit 2023 where I’m on hand to cover all the news, product announcements and innovations.

So, let’s get it started with the latest AI news from Adobe.

Newest GenAI Announced Live From Adobe Summit 2023

During the opening keynote of the Adobe Summit, David Wadhwani, Adobe’s president of digital media, revealed the beta release of Adobe Firefly. Basically, you provide text input as to the image you want — and Firefly creates it. It also allows you to create some pretty cool text effects. I signed up to join the Firefly beta; however, they're only letting people in a bit at a time, and I’m currently still on the waiting list.

While there are plenty of AI art generators on the market, and a comparison can certainly be made to DALLE-2, Firefly is aimed at commercial use. Adobe also announced its intent to integrate a “Do Not Train” tag for creators who don’t want their content used.

Adobe Firefly will be integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express, and, eventually, all Adobe products that could benefit from it being incorporated. Looking forward, Adobe hopes to add 3D modeling so users can quickly turn a standard image into a 3D composition. It also plans to enable customers to extend Firefly training with their own creative collateral.

Adobe Launches Sensei GenAI

Adobe also announced the launch of Sensei GenAI, a suite of AI services designed to enhance Adobe Experience Platform's capabilities for businesses, using multiple large language models (LLMs) to enable businesses to generate content that’s safe for commercial use.

The first set of Sensei GenAI services has been integrated into Adobe's Experience Manager, Journey Optimizer, Customer Journey Analytics, Marketo Engage, and Real-Time Customer Data Platform. The services can be used to personalize content, generate marketing copy and create conversational experiences.

Adobe Announces Partnerships

In addition to confirming its continued partnerships with Microsoft and OpenAI, Adobe has revealed a new partnership with NVIDIA to co-develop advanced generative AI models. The two companies are working on a range of AI-driven features for Adobe's Creative Cloud, including AI-powered stylization, photorealistic rendering and developing a new generative AI technology called GANverse3D, that can turn 2D images into 3D models.

The collaboration will integrate Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint with NVIDIA Omniverse™, a platform for creating and operating 3D industrial metaverse applications, to connect productivity and 3D collaboration platforms.

According to company officials, NVIDIA's partnership with Microsoft will provide Microsoft enterprise users with access to advanced industrial metaverse and AI supercomputing resources through the cloud. The collaboration will produce two new cloud offerings hosted on Microsoft Azure.

  • NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud, a platform-as-a-service that provides immediate access to a full-stack environment for designing, developing, deploying and managing industrial metaverse applications
  • NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, an AI supercomputing service that company officials said will offer enterprises instant access to infrastructure and software required for training advanced models for generative AI and other applications. 

In other AI news...

Microsoft Launches Bing Image Creator

On the heels of Adobe’s release of Firefly, Microsoft has launched Bing Image Creator, a new tool that allows users to generate images based on their written descriptions. The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate images that match the user's text, using a database of millions of images. Users can input their text into the Bing search bar, and then select the "Image Creator" option from the results page. The tool will then generate a series of images based on the text, which the user can refine or select from to find the perfect image for their needs.

Bing Image Creator has the potential to be a valuable tool for content creators, marketers and designers who need images to accompany their content. The tool is designed to be easy to use.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in AI and machine learning technologies in recent years. The tool is currently available in the US, and Microsoft plans to roll it out to other markets in the coming months.

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ChatGPT’s Got Your Captcha

OpenAI's latest language model, GPT-4 demonstrated its ability to solve a Captcha test, something OpenAI researchers said indicates it can "understand and model human-like strategies for solving problems."

But ... the research also highlighted the potential dangers of GPT-4's capabilities being used maliciously, such as bots being able to bypass security measures on websites. OpenAI is already taking steps to address these issues. Nevertheless, the development of GPT-4 and its ability to solve Captcha tests demonstrates the potential of AI to achieve human-like problem-solving abilities, and the importance of considering ethical implications and measures to prevent malicious use.

Learning Opportunities

Harvest Keeper Harvests Millions of Dollars From Users' Funds

Harvest Keeper, an AI-based decentralized application (dApp) built on the Polygon blockchain, has reportedly stolen millions of dollars in users' funds. The platform had previously attracted a lot of attention for its ability to offer yield farming and liquidity provision services. However, users began reporting issues with the dApp as they were unable to withdraw their funds.

Reportedly, the project's lead developer, known only by the name "Snowman," allegedly exploited a vulnerability in the dApp's smart contract to steal users' funds. The project's website and social media accounts have since been deleted, and users have been left with no way to recover their funds.

The incident has sparked renewed concern about the risks involved in using decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. While DeFi is often touted as a revolutionary alternative to traditional finance, it is also highly experimental and prone to hacks and exploits.

Aetina and CVEDIA Partner on AI

Aetina and CVEDIA have partnered to launch advanced AI video analytics solutions powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Orin System-on-Modules (SOMs).

According to company officials, the collaboration aims to meet the growing demand for intelligent video processing solutions, as industries increasingly rely on video data to enhance their operations. The NVIDIA Jetson Orin SOMs are used to accelerate video processing, and the platform's architecture enables users to integrate different sensors and video formats.

Bill Gates: All in on AI

In his article titled "The Age of AI Has Begun," Bill Gates discusses how the development of AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. Gates highlights the fact that AI is already being used in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to finance, and has the potential to improve efficiency and productivity in countless other areas. Gates refers to artificial intelligence as something as "revolutionary as mobile phones and the Internet."

Gates also touches on the potential risks and challenges associated with AI, such as job displacement and the ethical concerns surrounding the development of autonomous systems. However, he believes that these issues can be addressed through thoughtful regulation and investment in education and training. Overall, Gates is optimistic about the future of AI and believes that it will play a crucial role in shaping our world in the years to come.

"You’ll be able to use natural language to have this agent help you with scheduling, communications, and e-commerce, and it will work across all your devices," Gates wrote. "Because of the cost of training the models and running the computations, creating a personal agent is not feasible yet, but thanks to the recent advances in AI, it is now a realistic goal. Some issues will need to be worked out: For example, can an insurance company ask your agent things about you without your permission? If so, how many people will choose not to use it?"

Video of the Week: From the Adobe Summit Trenches 

In celebration of Adobe Summit 2023 coming to an end, here's a behind the scenes look at how it all comes together.

AI Tweet of the Week: ChatGPT's Take on Adobe

I feel the ChatGPT love.

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