Imagine you and I are walking down the street and we’re talking on our cell phones.

We’re having a great time catching up about family and friends and what’s going on at work. And we haven’t talked for a while so we’re really giving each other a lot of new information.

We come to a comer and — boom! — I literally run right into you.

So we hang up our phones, give each other a big hug and continue our conversation, right where we left off on our mobile devices.

Seamless Interaction

That’s a simplistic way of explaining what digital experience or DX is all about.

DX offers seamless interactions across digital touchpoints.

It offers the promise of starting a conversation on, say, a website and continuing it — without the need to recap or start over — on any other digital touchpoint.

Like that hypothetical conversation you and I were having, it enables you to just pick up where you left off, on whatever device or touchpount you access.

DX encompasses your website, your mobile apps, live chat, store kiosks, wearables, beacons … so many new technologies.

It complements and overlaps with customer experience, but it’s not identical to it. The best way to picture it is through a Venn diagram, Gartner Research Vice President Mick MacComascaigh told me.

You have customer experience in one circle, digital experience in another — and right in the center, you have this large overlapping area … a sweet spot that we like to call digital customer experience.

How companies deliver digital experience and customer experience are essential elements of future success — and will propel the best-in-class businesses.

By as early as next year, Gartner believes companies will compete primarily on the customer experiences they deliver.

Are You Ready?

To compete effectively, you need to know and understand DX strategies, technologies and innovations. They’ll help you connect better with your customers across the whole customer journey — and help differentiate you from your competitors.

I know.

You’re tired of the hype, the buzzwords, the BS.

Learning Opportunities

And that’s why we’re coming together this November to cut through all of the unnecessary clatter and give you just what you need to create the best digital experiences.

CMSWire is proud to present the inaugural DX Summit at the W City Center Hotel in Chicago. It’s going to be Nov. 3 and 4, with pre-conference workshops on Nov. 2.

I’d love for you to join us.

The agenda includes a host of industry leaders, including Nikos Acuña, director of Business Strategy at Rocket Fuel; Stowe Boyd, research director at Gigaom; Tony Byrne, founder and CEO of Real Story Group; Tami Cannizzaro, senior director, Marketing at eBay (Tami just made Forbes list of 10 Keynote Speakers Who Will Keep You Ahead of Digital Marketing Trends!); Kevin Cochrane, a member of the board at Jahia; Pierre DeBois, principal and founder of Zimana; Seth Earley, founder and CEO of Early Information Science; Bertrand Gillet, COO of The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group; Mike Gilpin, CTO of Siteworx; and Mark Grannan, an analyst at Forrester.

But that's not all.

You'll also hear Bruno Herrmann, director of Globalization at The Nielsen Company; Jamie Hunt, VP, Experience Design and Strategy at Avanade; Christopher Justice, Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing at Jahia; Phil Kemelor, Senior Manager, Digital Analytics at Ernst & Young; Deb Lavoy, founder and CEO of Narrative Builders; Piyush Patel, EVP Strategic Alliance & GM Americas at Jahia; digital strategist Meghan Walsh; Melissa Webster, VP, Content and Digital Media Tech at International Data Corporation (IDC); Scot Wheeler VP, Consumer Intelligence and Business Analytics at Leapfrog Online; Scott Smith, SVP of WoodWing; and Matthew Zaute, Vice President, Analytics at Rise Interactive.

Of course, you'll also meet Brice Dunwoodie, the founder and CEO of Simpler Media Group — the parent company of CMSWire — and the whole CMSWire team, including one of my favorite people, Siobhan Fagan, who is officially our Community Editor, but wears many more hats in her day to day work.

Anyway, as I was saying — I'd love for you to join us. (Did I mention we'll have Chicago pizza?)

You can find out more on our website — And you can learn lots more about digital experience on CMSWire.

Title image by Sunset Girl.