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7 Marketers Share Why They're Grateful this Thanksgiving

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Well the holidays are officially upon us here in the US and to honor today's Thanksgiving holiday we caught up with several experts in the field of marketing to find out what they're thankful for.

My first month as a technology reporter covering digital marketing four years ago, I uncovered some insights into what keeps marketers up at night.  Less than 10 percent of marketers found that they strongly agree their efforts in digital marketing were paying off. Half of marketers then also said they were not confident in their digital ability, and they also had low confidence in their companies’ marketing performance: only 40 percent thought their company’s marketing was effective.

Fast-forward four years later, and marketers are still struggling to nail it in digital. It doesn't mean they're not finding ways to succeed. And it doesn't mean they're not thankful for certain aspects of their jobs.

I'm Thankful For ...

In the spirit of being grateful on this Thanksgiving week, we caught up with a few marketers to ask reasons why they're thankful:

Ashley Stirrup, Chief Marketing Officer, Talend

Headshot of Ashley Stirrup, chief marketing officer of Talend
Ashley Stirrup

As the CMO for Talend, I’m thankful for the positive impact big data can have on the customer experience. I’m continuously amazed by the hidden stories data uncovers and how it leads to consistent improvement for every organization. If marketers really want to improve their customer interactions, they must use data to tailor each interaction, leading to a more loyal customer base. Because customer demands are constantly evolving, we should be flexible in our thinking and adjust when data tells us a different story than we expected.

Big data thrives with the help of machine learning (ML), and this year, I’m particularly thankful for advances in technology, infrastructure frameworks and growing cloud adoption that have reduced the exclusive dependence on data scientists to reap the benefits of ML. Marketers who are employing machine learning correctly become smarter, gain significant ground on their competitors and start to experience exponential gains. If you do big data and machine learning the right way, it can really empower a much broader set of people inside of marketing. 

Adrienne Weissman, Chief Growth Officer, Head of Partnerships, G2 Crowd

Adrienne Weissman, Chief Growth Officer, Head of Partnerships, G2 Crowd
Adrienne Weissman

First and foremost I am most thankful for my family. Professionally I am thankful to be part of a company that is committed to the concept of "buyers come first."

I am also blessed to work with a team of amazing professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to executing amazing work as a team. And I am thankful to be part of a company that understands the value of giving back to build a stronger world around us. Our G2 Gives efforts, most recently building homes in Haiti with New Story Charity, are an amazing reminder that we can all make the world a little bit better place, even from our desk chair.

Dave Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Impartner

Headshot of Dave Taylor, chief marketing officer, Impartner
Dave Taylor

I'm thankful for our digital sales assistant, powered by Conversica, for sure. “She” is a game changer. She’s always on, never takes a day off, and is smart enough to handle 90 percent on her own, and yet, knows when to ask for help. It makes a tremendous difference in our ability to nurture leads and progress opportunities at scale.

Cory Munchbach, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Blueconic

Cory Munchbach
Cory Munchbach

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with really passionate, curious, gritty people every day. Not everyone is lucky enough to draw motivation and energy from their colleagues, and I get that in spades.  I am also really grateful for my squad: that group of personal and professional friends on whom I can rely for advice, inspiration and guidance. In short, I’m grateful for so many great people in my life.

Learning Opportunities

Justin Shriber, Vice President, Marketing, LinkedIn 

Justin Shriber, vp of marketing at LinkedIn
Justin Shriber

In meeting with sales and marketing executives from companies both large and small across many countries, I’ve heard a heightened interest in working together to deliver great customer experiences. I’m thankful for the mutual appreciation between sales and marketing, and for both sides’ honest acknowledgment that each party has room for improvement in the collaborative process. There are technologies that are making new levels of sales and marketing alignment possible, but these are secondary to a genuine desire for sales and marketing to act as one unified team.

Katie Carbone, Senior Marketing Director, Entelechy

Headshot of Katie Carbone, senior marketing director at Entelechy
Katie Carbone

This year, I'm particularly thankful for amazing clients who love the work we do for them so much that they're willing to collaborate on testimonials, award entries or written content. Their authentic passion for their work shines through in everything they do. And, selfishly, it makes my job as a marketer that much easier.

Shane Murphy, Vice President, Marketing, AdRoll 

Headshot of Shane Murphy, vice president of marketing, AdRoll
Shane Murphy

I’m thankful to work in a role that allows me to be both creative and analytical everyday. Marketing touches the best of both these worlds. On one side you get to work with some of the most creative people — the brains behind the brand campaigns — to see wild ideas come to life. 

And on the other, you’re coming up with new ways to put data and technology to work, to analyze results, to coordinate with sales and product, and to get the message in front of the right audience across platforms and devices.

To all those that celebrate it, the team here at CMSWire wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.