Brands are competing for a limited resource: attention. So why do some brands get it again and again, while others flounder with content marketing initiatives? What separates the success stories from the rest? Join in to discuss these questions and more at this month's Tweet Jam.

The Jam kicks off at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 1700 GMT on Thursday, June 25th. As always, the broader CMSWire community is welcome to take part. Join in by using the #cxmchat hashtag, logging in to our chatroom or through Cover it Live — found below on the day of the Jam.

The Participants

  • Ahava Leibtag, President at Aha Media Group — @ahaval
  • Andrew Meyers, Director of Content Strategy at Tahzoo — @andeeman
  • Carla Johnson, President at Type A Communications — @CarlaJohnson
  • Cameron Uganec, Director of Marketing at Hootsuite — @CameronU
  • Dennis Shiao, Director of Content Marketing at DNN — @dshiao
  • James Goldman, Digital Consultant at Razorfish — @mediaingredient
  • Joanna Madej, Content Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Hippo — @J_Madej
  • Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder & CEO at gShift — @kristalariviere
  • Patricia Mejia, CMO at Siteworx — @PatriciaMejia

The Questions

The following questions will guide our discussion:

  1. How can companies balance traditional marketing tactics with content marketing tactics?
  2. How can you design a content strategy that's in sync with your strategic objectives?
  3. Do content marketing goals differ from traditional marketing goals? Can the same metrics be applied?
  4. What does it take to deliver consistent, sustainable content marketing experiences?
  5. Name the best example of content marketing you've seen recently (please no self nominations). 
  6. What's the secret to great content? Name the single most important factor.
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Participation Guidelines

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Introduce yourself with your first #cxmchat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for.
  • Use the A1 for answers to Q1 format for subsequent tweets and be sure to include the #cxmchat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird A3 Two different (but complementary) animals — separate metrics are required #cxmchat"
  • Please don't pitch products or services — stay knowledge focused.
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal.
  • Remember that this is a public chat — be thoughtful.