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Demandbase released a new ABM platform today which helps marketers follows accounts across the entire lifecycle

Demandbase updated its B2B account-based marketing (ABM) play today with the launch of a re-architected ABM platform that combines targeting, engagement and conversion solutions in one.

With the release, the San Francisco-based vendor aims to offer marketers an easier way to plan and execute campaigns "across the entire funnel."

One-Stop Targeted Marketing

The platform includes an artificial intelligence (AI) layer to help account identity and recognition of buyer intent signals on websites. A new user interface helps marketers "select target accounts, manage audiences across campaigns, integrate account information from a CRM system and measure the performance of ABM programs based on pipeline and revenue," according to San Francisco-based Demandbase officials.

"This is really a whole new architecture moving forward where we've integrated a whole AI technology layer and combined and integrated all of the Spiderbook-type solutions," Chris Golec, Demandbase CEO, told CMSWire. "We're going to a much more versatile, re-architected ABM platform and ABM layer. But it also includes a whole new dashboard and self-service. And we combined some products into really three key solutions that sit on the platform — one around targeting, one around engagement and one around conversion."

The targeting solution triggers account-based advertising and retargeting campaigns and includes account selection and display advertising.

The engagement solution includes website optimization, forms, live chat and account-based marketing automation.

The conversion solution delivers sales teams account insights. 

Screenshot of Demandbase ABM technology.

New Data Sources to Fuel AI  

Demandbase's primary goal through the updated platform is to eliminate the need to buy point solutions and stitch them together. This, Golec said, creates headaches because the data model between all these different systems doesn't work.

"It makes it impossible to measure results accurately," he said. "AI is only as good as the data it sits on. But it's also about volume. AI highly depends on patterns, volumes, statistics."

Marketers need data from outside their CRM systems, he said.

"If you can only look at your own data," Golec asked, "what about all the data from what (prospects) are doing on your wbesite, what they're writing about, what they're reading about?"

Demandbase's technology can provide insights through 50 billion B2B interactions every month, Golec said.

The self-service UI makes it easy to get started, Golec said, who added Demandbase ABM integrates with more than 50 third-party analytics tools for program measurement, analysis and optimization.