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Local businesses just got a boost with the launch of a new service that combines online scheduling, automated marketing, real time communication and client management — all in one integrated experience.

Optimized for mobile web and mobile apps, MyTime Scheduler was created to give small businesses a level playing field with larger, online competitors, Ethan Anderson, CEO and founder of MyTime told CMSWire.

“The small businesses in this country are really far behind,” he said.

“Remember what happened to local retailers with Wal-Mart and Target? The same thing can happen with big chains that have the resources to build apps and make large investments in automated marketing. With those resources, they could wipe out local independent service professionals.”

What’s It All About?

Ethan AndersonMyTime Scheduler
helps local businesses such as dentists, hair salons, dog groomers and other organizations do everything from scheduling online appointments, to setting up automated reminders for clients when it’s time to re-book. They can even message clients and collect payment — all without switching programs or apps.

“We really keep customers engaged, and we do it automatically so businesses don’t lose them.”

Developed to create a seamless experience between merchants and customers, said Anderson, the service also integrates with the company’s MyTime Marketplace, where consumers can book appointments and leave ratings and reviews through the web or mobile app.

“It’s a modern marketplace with tools and products for business and consumers to access,” said Anderson.

“They have everything they need. Everyone has a mobile and web product. Businesses can help retain products with automated marketing, and consumers can be reminded of upcoming appointments, and later, leave a review.”

MyTime Scheduler

Late-Night Mobile Bookings

According to Anderson, MyTime Scheduler helps businesses take advantage of consumers’ mobile habits when it comes to booking appointments.

“65 percent of our traffic and bookings happen through mobile,” he said. “Over 40 percent of bookings happen when business is closed for the day. People are on their phones, late at night, and they can book an appointment in real time.”

Anderson used himself as an example, booking an appointment late on a Sunday night because he wanted to get his hair cut to prepare for a conference.

“It’s awesome to be able to do things on your own time,” he said. “The old way was to wait until the business opens, or wait and leave a message.”

Wild West Frontier

Because travel, restaurants and grocery have already moved online. Anderson claims local services are the last frontier.

“It’s a Wild West frontier that is very fragmented,” he said. “The value is trillions of dollars of commerce.

“We’re doing everything we can to help these guys be successful. This, to me, feels like the future.”

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