B2B marketers often hold back from joining the latest hot trend on social media. They want to see if that new feature or platform receiving buzz is worth adding to their portfolio of tools.

If you are among that cautious skeptical group of marketers, you should consider the buzz regarding Replay, the new record feature on the live audio chat app Clubhouse. It's the the real deal. Clubhouse Replay offers B2B marketers an intriguing mix of benefits that can strengthen engagement of potential customers as they turn to social media and podcasts to learn about products and services. 

How Replay Makes Clubhouse More Convenient

A Clubhouse room conveniently allows people to gather for a discussion; useful for people who are part of a strong networking community. Until now, Clubhouse app users only had the choice to join the conversation in real-time to hear and respond to the comments. Fleeting in nature, it's also what makes live audio appealing, like a short video in TikTok.

Enter Replay. Replay is a room option that allows moderators to record a public Clubhouse room. Moderators — the person or persons who host a room event — set up Replay when they log in and then click on the calendar icon that appears at the top of the Clubhouse app screen. They next select the calendar icon again to create the room event, adding details such as event title and description to the event menu.

A replay toggle button appears in the event menu which can then switch on or off. The recording begins when the moderator opens the room and ends when the room is closed. 

The event replay then becomes available for anyone to access it. App users can enter the room and even view all the room attendees. Because room attendees can connect via messaging in the app, the feature can be a benefit for directly connecting to people.

clubhouse replay

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Replay Has Familiar Audio Settings

The Replay player appears at the bottom of the screen. It operates the room audio just like any audio file you have likely seen. Thus, within the playback you can skip to sections of a discussion or pause the playback to come back to it later.

A playback adjuster can raise the playback rate up to twice the normal speed room, making it easier to find a section you want within events with very long session times; rooms are usually short but can go on for hours.

Timing marks also appear, set by the app for conversion adjustments. All of this is helpful when you know there is a topic you want to dive into, but unsure where in the discussion your desired comments occur.

clubhouse bookmark
To access a room Replay, Clubhouse users search for the room in the hallway — the Clubhouse equivalent of a Facebook newsfeed or Twitter stream — and bookmark the desired room. Bookmarks appear at the top of the user profile. The user accesses the bookmark icon and quickly finds and enters the saved room for playback.

Clubhouse users can also discover Replays in a curated carousel that appears in the hallway. The carousel often highlights rooms that have received a high attendance.

clubhouse carousel

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Replay Suits Technical, Elaborate Subjects

Replay brings advantages for every Clubhouse user even if the purposes vary. If you are either a room moderator or a guest, you can review what you said, discovering ideas or plan supporting material for the next room event. Moderators often share a URL at the top of the room, which means you can share a white paper or a landing page with content associated with your topic.

If you are the listener, Replay is helpful if you're trying to absorb what you are learning from guest or room participants. The capability lends itself to technical or elaborate subjects and conversational reflection.

That makes timing so valuable, since many times people cannot always join a room conversation at the very instant a room is open. Although I consider Clubhouse rooms very handy, I often find times when I wanted to join but can't because another room is scheduled at the same time, or I just simply did not have time to participate in the conversation at that given moment.

Learning Opportunities

How Clubhouse Replay Enhances Social Media Strategy

Replay is a significant feature introduction for Clubhouse because it builds on Clubhouse’s strength as an impromptu event hosting platform. 

A "preview" of Replays, called Clips, allows moderators to share 30-second audio clips. These can also be shared on social media platforms, to further encourage people to come listen to a hosted event. The rooms become sharable, drawing additional people to a moderator or group.

Both Clips and Replay are appropriate media for enhancing a social media marketing strategy. Replays can be shared in Instagram and Twitter — most Clubhouse users have both social media profile links in their profile — but the links to the Replays can be shared to other social media as well.

This gives marketers a chance to share lecture series and special events across social media platforms, further expanding exposure of room events. Those who receive the link do not have to have the Clubhouse app to hear the discussion. In a browser, they can play back the room via a landing page.


Use Clubhouse Replay to Build a Community Around Your Brand

The true value of Replay is the dynamics of community building emerging among Clubhouse users.B2B marketers have a tremendous opportunity to engage customers in an intimate virtual gathering. Marketers often want customers to engage as a community around their services through platforms that allow open comments such as a blog, YouTube channel or via a webinar.

These communities are effective but often make the connection one directional, and in some instances more vulnerable to trolling.In a Clubhouse room, people can gain better access to hosts and participate in richer discussions. Hosting periodic room discussions within your community raises interest and engagement differently then looking at video or responding to blog post comments.

Since recorded Replays can be played and shared anytime, anyone online can hear the interactions and choose to join the community to spend further time getting to know the other members.

Marketers Should Explore a Clubhouse Path

Marketers should note that Twitter Spaces can also record a live chat event, pinning the event to the top of a Twitter profile so people can look for the Space event in the same way as accessing a bookmarked Clubhouse replay.   

Clubhouse, alongside Twitter Spaces, has reinvigorated networking for professionals and revitalized the value of social media. With either Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse Replay, marketers gain tangible media for educating their customers, describing their services and building an online community around their brand. Speaking to customer in a live audio chat room is certainly an exciting prospect for which good marketers should jump in with both feet.