Engagio, an account-based marketing (ABM) provider, today released an extension to its platform designed to better connect customer and prospect data with social, email and CRM tools.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based 2-year-old startup released its Scout extension on the same day competitor Marketo kicked off its Marketing Nation Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Engagio, founded by Marketo co-founder Jon Miller is also hosting its own event today, ABM Central, directly across the street from Marketo's conference.

Engagio Has Marketo In Its Sights

The timing and location make it more than clear Miller and Engagio are looking to challenge Marketo ABM's offering for marketshare. The platform does integrate with Marketo, though, on the marketing automation side. 

As well as Marketo, Engagio now fully integrates with other major marketing automation platforms including Eloqua, Pardot and HubSpot. 

Engagio was an exhibitor at last year's Summit but — surprise — is not this year. 

It's got about $32.5 million from investors thus far, including its $22 million Series B round last August led by Norwest Venture Partners.

"I want every single attendee at the Marketo Summit to know that Engagio is the ABM leader," Miller told CMSWire in an interview last week. "I want them to know that Engagio is a product for marketers. We're bought by marketers for marketers. We just happen to let the marketers give value to the sales team. We want people to take away that we're the innovator and that we're proving we've got the customers, we've got the case studies and stories of people being successful with account-based marketing."

Building On 'Account-Based Everything'

Engagio and Miller believe in what he calls an "account-based everything" approach. In account-based everything, marketers target accounts with "fishing spears" rather than "fishing nets" like mass marketing, Miller has said.

Today's Scout extension release gives marketers and sales teams better visibility between the ABM solution and platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail and Salesforce. Engagio wants its ABM users to be able to make "account-based plays" without leaving these platforms.

Learning Opportunities

Some of the features include:

  • Dashboards that pull individual and account-level data from Salesforce, marketing automation systems, LinkedIn, Twitter and corporate email
  • Data editing on people and accounts and sync to CRM and lead matching to the account 
  • Visibility of communication histories with target accounts 

Engagio ABM Scout

Account Insights

"Scout brings in all that data together and aggregates it at the account level," Miller told CMSWire. "That way the marketers or salespeople really get insights into what they are doing with their accounts. That visibility alone goes a really long way."

Other ABM solutions "don’t actually fit into how, where or when companies conduct their marketing and sales activities," Miller added. 

"Scout," he said, "puts the power of account-level insights and scalable human connections right in the hands of every customer-facing employee, allowing coordination of interactions across people, systems and channels.”