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  • Product platform partnership. ChurnZero will now offer the Northpass learning platform as part of its product platform.
  • LiveRamp app available. Marketers will be able to activate their customer data on RampID within Adobe Exchange.
  • A chatbot for all channels. Factoreal launches its new omnichannel chatbot.

ChurnZero Partners With Northpass

ChurnZero, a cloud services company, has announced a partnership with Northpass, a digital customer education platform. According to company officials, ChurnZero will now offer the Northpass learning platform as part of its product platform. Instead of piecemealing customer education through trainings, documents, emails and in-app messages, ChurnZero users can create libraries of interactive training content on the iNorthpass platform, customized for different learning styles and environments, with the option for customers to self-select individual trainings or learn through curated courses.

“Customer education is a critical part of the customer journey and should be managed by customer success teams, who have a deep understanding of their customers’ learning and training needs,” Allison Tiscornia, chief customer officer at ChurnZero, said in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with Northpass, an industry leader in delivering intuitive, curated learning experiences, to enable Customer Success teams to own and seamlessly manage the customer education experience.”

In other CX news...

DotKonnekt Launches Platform

DotKonnekt, a Singapore-based digital commerce and experience tech startup, has announced the launch of its experiential commerce platform. According to company officials, the platform, leveraging composable and headless architecture, is intended to assist consumer brands in organically growing their direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel.

“We are thrilled to launch our experiential commerce platform officially,” Dhiraj Jain, co-founder and CEO at DotKonnekt, said in a statement. “Keeping the needs of brands at the core, we are confident to help them create personalized shopping experiences and build lasting relationships to drive repeat purchases and customer loyalty.”

DoubleVerify Publisher Suite Launches Authentic Direct

DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has announced the launch of Authentic Direct, a solution allowing digital publishers to align with advertiser brand suitability settings on direct campaigns.

“Direct campaigns require constant back and forth communication between publishers and advertisers to ensure success,” Mimi Wotring, senior VP of publisher sales and client services at DoubleVerify, said in a statement. “Brand safety and suitability is consistently raised as a top priority between the two, often negatively impacting relationships and driving down overall success of direct advertising. With Authentic Direct, publishers have the ability to automatically align on campaign expectations and performance outcomes while advertisers gain a more efficient way to ensure brand suitable ad placements — reducing campaign waste and improving quality of direct placements.”

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LiveRamp Partners With Adobe to Launch RampID

LiveRamp, a data collaboration platform, has announced a new partnership with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), part of Adobe Experience Cloud, to natively offer the benefits of LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, RampID.

According to company officials, through a new LiveRamp app available in Adobe Exchange, marketers will be able to activate their customer data on RampID via downstream activation partners including DSPs, SSPs, CTV destinations and other publishers.

“Marketers are quickly realizing the benefits of their data and identity strategies, and want to easily activate their data on the many different platforms they’re working with,” Travis Clinger, SVP, activations and addressability at LiveRamp, said in a statement. “By partnering with Adobe, we’re reducing the process to leveraging RampID to mere clicks, enabling marketers to activate direct-to-destination, and giving them simplified activation with immediate scale.”

Mauritius Telecom and Aprecomm Partner

Mauritius Telecom, a provider of information and communications technology services and solutions, has announced a partnership with Aprecomm, a network intelligence provider. According to company officials, the collaboration will enhance artificial intelligence based innovative technology to increase visibility and optimize residential Wi-Fi connections.

“Mauritius Telecom is the forefront runner in continuous investments in technology to keep innovating and providing the best service to its consumers,” Kapil Reesaul, CEO at Mauritius Telecom, said in a statement. “The partnership with Aprecomm will help us in our efforts to ensure the best experience across our broadband consumers with faster and proactive resolution of potential issues.”

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Learning Opportunities

Pega to Integrate Generative AI Into Platform

Pegasystems Inc., a low-code platform provider, has announced plans to extend its use of AI in its platform with a set of new generative AI capabilities across Pega Infinity and powered by generative AI models like those behind OpenAI's ChatGPT.

According to company officials, Pega is designing these features to enable users to use generative AI with enterprise governance to complete tasks using simple natural language prompts — from "generate a report" to "refine this offer copy" to "build an application." The new generative AI capabilities will be available with the launch of Pega Infinity '23 in Q3 2023.

ON24 Unveils AI Engine

ON24, a digital engagement platform, has announced the launch of an AI engine to help enterprises use AI to generate content, scale personalized experiences, orchestrate actions, analyze audience behavior and surface prospect buying intent.

According to company officials, the engine is built on the ON24 platform’s foundation of first-party digital engagement data and uses millions of human interactions gathered from over a decade of digital experiences to enable businesses to benefit from the efficiency of AI.

“In today’s digital-first world, the companies with the best B2B buying experiences will win. AI has tremendous potential to transform digital marketing and selling, but only if the human aspect is maintained,” Sharat Sharan, co-founder and CEO of ON24, said in a statement. “Our vision is to bring AI together with human engagement to help businesses cost-effectively grow pipeline and revenue without losing their brand’s unique differentiation.”

AesirX Launches Open Source CRM Solution

AesirX CRM, a customer relationship management company, has launched a new open-source CRM solution, designed to make managing customer interactions simple, efficient and cost-effective.

According to company officials, AesirX CRM integrates with all other AesirX Solutions, providing a complete digital marketing suite to track customer interactions across multiple platforms and gain insights into customer behavior. Advanced security measures are integrated into AesirX solutions to protect users’ personal data and the Single Sign On utilizes Concordium's zero Knowledge (zK) technology and Web3 Wallets for a straightforward, secure, faster login experience.

Factoreal Introduces Omnichannel Chatbots

Factoreal, a customer engagement platform, has announced the launch of its new ‘Omnichannel Chatbot.’ According to company officials, the new capability is available as part of the Factoreal application and offers features including chatbots for SMS, WhatsApp and websites. Factoreal’s Omnichannel Chatbot allows companies to expand its customer engagement and retention strategy beyond a siloed departmental effort into a businesswide approach that harnesses existing data to form better connections with prospects and customers.

"Consumers today have high expectations of the organizations they buy from. They expect businesses to be always on and start from where they left off. Unfortunately, it's been tough for businesses to meet those expectations, especially with disparate tools that aren't integrated," Aditya Dhruva, founder and CEO of Factoreal, said in a statement. "Factoreal Omnichannel Conversations solves this problem by providing organizations with a unified ‘chatbot builder’ across all communication channels. This helps ensure that every interaction an organization has with its customers is contextual and, ultimately, delightful."

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