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  • Content is queen. TerminusDB has launched TerminusCMS, an open-source content management system that integrates with its graph database, offering greater flexibility and more effective content reuse.
  • CDP innovations abound. Acquia has announced the release of its new Acquia Customer Data Platform, designed to improve customer experience (CX) and includes new features, pricing tiers and delivery options.
  • Ecommerce on the mind. SimplicityDX has unveiled AI-powered Edge Storefronts for social commerce that synchronize product, promotion and price data, enabling shopping experiences where shoppers check out using the brand’s existing ecommerce back end.

TerminusDB, a graph database company, has launched TerminusCMS, an open-source content management system that integrates with its graph database. The new system is designed to allow content creators to work with a graph database to manage and distribute their content, offering advantages such as greater flexibility, richer relationships and more effective content reuse.

According to company officials, TerminusCMS is aimed at developers who are looking for a CMS that is more flexible than traditional options, and who are interested in working with graph databases. The system is designed to help organizations create more effective content by enabling them to better understand the relationships between their content, data and users.

The company says that TerminusCMS is fully customizable and can be used to create a range of different types of content, including articles, web pages, and websites. The system is also designed to be highly scalable, enabling it to handle large amounts of content and traffic.

In other CX news...

Augeo Acquires Brand Networks

Augeo, a marketing and customer engagement platform provider, has announced announced the acquisition of Brand Networks, a digital advertising and social media agency, for an undisclosed sum. According to company officials, the deal is expected to accelerate Augeo's efforts to provide clients with end-to-end customer engagement solutions by bringing together Augeo's loyalty, employee recognition and customer experience offerings with Brand Networks' digital advertising and social media expertise.

The acquisition will also allow Augeo to expand its services to include paid media management, content development, and creative services, giving clients access to a wider range of marketing solutions under one roof. Brand Networks' client base, which includes brands like American Express, Unilever, and JetBlue, will also expand Augeo's reach.

"We recognize the power of synthesizing brand advocates across social media to deepen the connection to stakeholders and local communities," David Kristal, Augeo founder and CEO, said in a statement. "Augeo's acquisition of Brand Networks extends opportunities for our clients to leverage genuine employee advocacy—creating a unique and inevitable intersection of marketing and HR. Every day, thousands of employees are activated on behalf of major brands through Brand Networks, and we are excited to scale their efforts and accelerate the power of their solutions for our respective clients."

Alchemer Launches Alchemer Workflow

Alchemer, an integrated feedback management platform, has announced the launch of Alchemer Workflow. According to company officials, Alchemer Workflow is available immediately, and leverages Alchemer’s heritage to deliver an effective way to close the feedback loop with customers and employees.

“When customers don’t hear back from organizations after sharing requested feedback, it destroys relationships, brand, and trust,” David Roberts, CEO of Alchemer, said in a statement.

“With Alchemer Workflow, our customers collect the best feedback and build on it to create deeper, more engaged relationships with customers and employees.”

New Acquia CDP Capabilities

Acquia, a digital experience company, has announced the release of its new Acquia Customer Data Platform (Acquia CDP). According to company officials, the tool is designed to improve customer experience (CX) and included new features, pricing tiers and delivery options.

The new Acquia CDP enables companies to test, learn and optimize their digital experiences with the help of A/B testing, personalization and content optimization features. It also offers new capabilities such as advanced analytics and integrations to help businesses access and use their data in a more meaningful way.

“The enhancements we’ve made to Acquia CDP, as well as pricing and delivery models, will enable more organizations to get started managing and using customer data, even without big budgets or teams,” Mark Picone, SVP and general manager for Acquia Marketing Cloud, said in a statement. “We’re shortening implementation timelines, accelerating time-to-value, and empowering customers and partners to be successful with our industry-leading CDP.”

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SimplicityDX Unveils AI-Powered Edge Storefronts

SimplicityDX, the edge shopping company, has announced the immediate availability of AI-powered Edge Storefronts for social commerce.

According to company officials, real-time integration synchronizes product, promotion and price data, enabling shopping experiences where shoppers check out using the brand’s existing e-commerce back end.

 “There’s a massive experience gap between ‘social’ and ‘commerce’ as online shoppers click through from social media to the brand site,” Gerry Widmer, co-founder and chief executive officer of SimplicityDX, said in a statement. “Every year, $700 billion of revenue leaks from product detail pages as traffic from the edge lands there. SimplicityDX revolutionizes customer acquisition by changing the fundamental math of ROAS and CAC.”

Learning Opportunities

WPP Partners With Stripe

WPP, a communication services company, has announced a partnership with Stripe, a payment processing platform, to develop new commerce and payments solutions on behalf of joint clients. According to company officials, with this announcement WPP is now a Consulting Partner within the Stripe Partner Ecosystem (SPE), a program that provides a package of resources and access to industry-leading consulting firms.

Together with Stripe, WPP will engage in strategy and consulting to help clients with a range of initiatives including digital transformation, new product launches, ecommerce design and development, mobile applications and payments infrastructure. WPP will receive early access to new product releases and go-to-market strategy, in addition to receiving support from Stripe’s team of commerce and payment experts.

“As companies increasingly move to digital channels to improve the customer experience, it becomes important that they implement a robust system with quality data to integrate their brand and commerce strategies,” Stephan Pretorius, chief technology officer at WPP, said in a statement. “Through the deployment of best-in-class technology platforms, like Stripe, we’re able to support bold client ambitions, promote powerful data-driven commerce performance and remove friction in delivering first-rate customer experiences."

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ZoomInfo Will Integrate GPT into Platform

ZoomInfo, a go-to-market software, data and intelligence company, has announced it will integrate GPT technology into its platform. According to company officials, ZoomInfo’s data scientists and engineers are currently working to integrate GPT throughout ZoomInfo’s GTM platform. When complete, the integration should allow users to tell the platform in a few sentences what they are looking for and watch as it surfaces insights that are relevant to their needs. ZoomInfo has already incorporated GPT into its GTM plays and plans to use it to power advanced features such as suggested contacts and automation across engagement channels.

“The software world is abuzz over what the future of products like ChatGPT can bring, and we’re thrilled to invent the future of go-to-market with generative AI,” Henry Schuck, founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, said in a statement. “When this integration is complete, our customers will be able to use GPT to shorten cold emails, isolate a call to action from a sales call, and much more.”

Staircase AI-Responder Offers Generative AI Solution

Staircase AI, a customer intelligence platform, has announced Staircase AI Responder, a proprietary generative AI-powered intelligent response solution to support B2B post-sales teams. According to cpmpany officials, Staircase AI Responder uses customer analytics to instruct an AI-Responder, disrupting the existing method of rule-based automation and templates in post-sales.

Unlike others in the market who integrate or white label ChatGPT as a product offering, Staircase AI's original technology learns from customer data to instruct generative AI about customers. The company uses AI-Responder, which it says disrupts the existing method of rule-based automation and templates.

"The post-sales lifecycle is ripe for disruption. We no longer need to go from the customer to the data or wait for surveys to reactively deal with an unhappy customer,” Ori Entis, co-founder and CEO at Staircase AI, said in a statement. “Now, data can continuously track every interaction and address churn signals using AI — all before they escalate, and then create an appropriate response that brands can choose to send.”

Hippo Video Secures $8M Funding Round

Hippo Video, an interactive video customer experience platform, has announced an $8 million funding round led by Dallas Venture Capital (DVC). According to company officials, Hippo Video’s generative AI engine, Humanize AI, allows for hundreds of hyper-personalized videos to be made in a single day and this funding will allow Hippo Video to expand its customer use cases across the US.

“Businesses realize that video is a more impactful medium to establish better relationships that turn prospects into customers — but they have been unable to capture its full potential in the sales process,” Karthi Mariappan, co-founder and CEO of Hippo Video, said in a statement. “By humanizing conversations with hyper-personalized, interactive videos, and enabling sales teams to distribute custom videos at scale, Hippo Video helps sales teams increase the pipeline and engagement which translates into higher win rates and revenue. This new capital will help us reach more companies in need of automated video technology to help them stand out among their prospects.”

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