Every content strategy, while sharing common foundational best practices, is a unique strategy.

Robert Rose, chief strategy officer for the Content Marketing Institute, told us that last month after his company’s Intelligent Content Conference.

Adobe believes it has a unique content story for marketers through its acquisition of Livefyre, a user-generated content curator that will integrate into the Adobe Marketing Cloud. 

Having quick access to authentic, user-generated content to tell brand stories will be one of the “defining capabilities” that will move marketers ahead or behind competitors, said Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing for Adobe. 

'Trustworthy' Content

adobe's loni stark

Stark caught up with CMSWire after the acquisition broke earlier this month.

Adobe already had a partnership with Livefyre, a content curation and audience engagement company. Now it has full access to the platform, which gives brands and publishers instant access to billions of pieces of user-generated content that can be streamed into their sites, ads, emails, TV, digital billboards and apps. 

Marketers will be able to leverage Adobe Creative Cloud and community-driven content in Adobe Behance and Adobe Stock along with Livefyre.

Livefyre curates content from major social networks and will be a component of Adobe Experience Manager, a content management system and one of eight pillars of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Stark said it’s smart for marketers and brands to take advantage of user-generated content and essentially use the material for brand advocacy.

“Our content research found 81 percent of respondents considered a product that was endorsed by family member or someone they were related to or a friend,” Stark said. “They’re more trustworthy.”

Learning Opportunities

Brands that blend professional assets with the more authentic user-generated stories paint a more complete picture for prospects, Stark said. 

“That’s why we wanted to work more Livefyre,” Stark said. “It’s to bring the joint story of professional and user-generated content and deliver it in creative ways through the marketing cloud.”

Creating compelling digital experiences is “something we’ve been thinking about since acquisitions like Day and CQ,” Stark said.

Livefyre fits right into this picture, she added. 

'Like You and Me'

Stark cited Tourism Australia, which uses Adobe Experience Manager and Livefyre to produce photos of “people like you and me.”

“These are from people who fly into Australia, take pictures and share them,” Stark said. “You can get those professional photos at the beautiful beach but also get images from someone who’s just a real person. .. We’re attracted to brands like these because they’re telling a story we can react to.” 

Stark compared what Adobe and Livefyre can do for marketers as the digital version of what happens at a music concert. People react to music, just as they do with stories and content.

“A concert,” Stark told CMSWire, “is the analog version of what we’re trying to do.”

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