YouTube has been around since 2004, and the art of YouTube marketing is spreading from industry to industry at a more rapid rate every year. According to YouTube itself, YouTube on mobile alone now reaches more people in the U.S. than any TV network — and brands with well-followed YouTube channels are helping to drive that incredible reach.

After highlighting enterprise tech companies engaging in Instagram marketing and leveraging micro-influencers, it’s time to take inspiration from companies in the same bracket who are using YouTube marketing strategies to amassing a follow, educate their audience and heighten their brand awareness.

1. Facebook

With over 800,000 subscribers, the world’s largest social network has a sizeable following on YouTube. They treat their viewers to playlists that include a peek at the working culture within Facebook, tips on getting the most out of Facebook, as well as the companies thoughts on privacy.

They also publish short documentaries in partnership with, a charity that seeks to bring the world wide web to developing parts of the world.

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2. SAS

SAS uses YouTube to showcase the different countries impacted by their software, from Mexico to the UK to Turkey. They also publish customer stories, discuss trending topics like the Internet of Things and throw out recordings of their webinars.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft boasts nearly half a million Youtube subscribers. They treat their viewership to behind the scene footage, casual conversations between executives as well as insights into the modern digital workplace. You’ll also find Microsoft’s most popular TV commercials on their channel.

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4. Google

Google’s six million YouTube subscribers watch the brand partner with celebrities like John Legend to experiment with Google’s Voice Assistant. Google also uses their Youtube channel to shed light on social issues, showcase their latest products and to interview small business owners using Google to grow.

5. Skype

Skype’s YouTube presence is made up of videos that help users make calls, use features and explore new areas of the VOIP platform. Along with short how-to videos, Skype highlights case studies of Skype being used in for education, for internal business communications, and so forth.

Learning Opportunities

6. Salesforce

On top of videos showing off some of Salesforce’s features, the Salesforce YouTube channel publishes keynotes from Salesforce events. They also have videos that educate their audience on customer relationship management, as well as videos highlighting social issues and commentating on events such as Black History Month.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot’s YouTube channel takes a more abstract approach to marketing the product, as they have videos on success and failure as well as productivity and staying motivated — videos that are geared towards startups and entrepreneurs. HubSpot also highlights customer stories, shows off culture within the company and addresses trending topics like Blockchain and IoT.

8. Amazon

Amazon uses its YouTube channel to publish its popular commercials, explain its electrical products, and to deliver business tips. They also publish videos revolving around DIY, gardening, pet grooming, and so forth — all of which are linked to or supported by products that Amazon sells.

9. Twitter

Twitter’s 114,000 subscribers can view videos on using the Twitter platform. Twitter also has a series on YouTube named #TwitterHouse, which invites celebrity guests on to discuss their latest movies, books or shows. Furthermore, Twitter promotes itself on YouTube as a place to keep up with politics and sports.

10. Cisco

Cisco’s YouTube playlists revolve around news coming out of the company, Cisco Live events, enterprise collaboration challenges, general business trends, cyber security and so forth. Cisco also uses YouTube to show users how to use some of its products.

11. Autodesk

With over 275,000 subscribers, Autodesk’s YouTube channel focuses on promoting web and graphic design as a hobby or career, with videos on the power of design and stories about brands exploring the usage of virtual reality. Autodesk also publishes tutorials to help their viewership learn new skills and explore new areas of the software.

12. Intel

Intel uses its YouTube channel to publish its take on new technologies like drones, 5G, virtual reality and the Internet of Things. There’s very little direct promotion of Intel’s products, as the focus is more on how Intel is helping to facilitate new technologies reaching the masses, as well as the company’s role in major events like the Olympics.