With the substantial rise in customer expectations in the past year, content creator Kim Sayers thinks AI writing tools can help businesses deliver exceptional customer service. In her recent piece Is It Time to Tackle Customer Support Tasks With AI Writing Software?, Kim delves into the benefits — delivering great customer service without overworking your teams and the challenges (sorry, it's not foolproof) such as the lack of emotion and the limited personalization.

And Kim should know because she works with telecom experts at Global Call Forwarding to gain insights into how businesses can use communication tools to effectively run their business. Kim brings a unique voice and practical perspective on how to get the results you want using AI writing to assist you. You can read Kim's recent columns here.

This is part of our end-of-year series celebrating our top CMSWire Contributors of the Year for 2022. These are regular CMSWire Contributors whose articles this year greatly resonated with our community of professionals. These Contributors simply serve as great ambassadors of our brand in the world of marketing and customer experience.

Create Your Own 'Museum' Highlighting Your Career Wins

What excites you most about the space you cover?

A lot of my articles center around marketing and technology. The thing that excites me about both of these spaces is that they are constantly evolving. So, there’s always something new to discuss or different angles to tackle.

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What trend(s) do you think will emerge in 2023?

In 2023, I think we’ll see more businesses prioritizing localization to make their organization more inclusive and accessible to consumers around the world. This will also involve writing less for the needs of SEO and more for the needs and preferences of the people actually reading the content.

On top of that, consumers will continue to seek out brands that match their values. But, they are aware of greenwashing and can sniff out insincere brands. So, we may see smaller businesses that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility grow to meet these demands instead of long-established brands.

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What's the best career advice you ever got?

Learning Opportunities

Screenshot every compliment, piece of positive feedback and recognition you receive through comments, messages, etc. Once you’ve collected a few, you’ll have your own personal art museum highlighting your career wins. You can revisit it whenever you feel unsure or use it as social proof when pursuing a promotion.

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What's the best personal advice you ever got?

If it’s hard for you to switch off after work or maintain a work/life balance, try thinking of it like this instead: You work two jobs a day. One is your regular, professional 9-to-5 career. The other is from 5pm-to-9am at the company of YOU. Both are important to invest in, but neither should really be prioritized or valued over the other. Just think of all the things you could achieve if you started investing the same amount of time and energy you put toward your career in yourself.

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Tell us something about you not related to your work field of interest.

This year, I learned how to propagate plants. It’s been a really fun and rewarding hobby for me, and now my apartment is covered in the plants I grew!