Adobe, which provides digital customer experience software, has unveiled new mobile capabilities within Adobe Journey Optimizer, powered by Adobe Experience Platform. Journey Optimizer is a tool that is designed to enable brands to activate real-time customer insights to support interactions across channels. These mobile features, now available in the application, allow brands to engage their customers wherever they may be, according to a blog post from Adobe's Kevin Lindsay.

Mobile capabilities powering personalized customer experiences include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Message designer: With Journey Optimizer, brands can design and deliver personalized email, push, in-app and text messages from a single interface. A drag-and-drop user interface is now available for text and in-app messages.
  • Personalized in-app experiences: Brands can create in-app messages that are personalized based on data like customer profile attributes, device location and app usage history.
  • Unified real-time customer profile: With Journey Optimizer, customer data from multiple sources can be collected and analyzed for actionable business insights within streamlined workflows.
  • Personalized one-time interactions and campaign communications: Journey Optimizer helps determine the right message to deliver to the customer; brands can pause campaign messages due to an unresolved customer service issue.
  • Location-aware triggers: Journey Optimizer actively listens to events such as a person entering an entertainment venue or a store, and a brand can use mobile messages to amplify the customer experience.
  • Brand-approved content and assets: Marketers and customer-facing teams can access approved brand assets natively within Journey Optimizer through a cloud-based digital asset manager (DAM), Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials.
  • Developer tools: Developer tools within Journey Optimizer allow for inspection and validation of data for client-side web and mobile events, low-level SDK logs and data exports. Journey Optimizer also provides simulations of real-world conditions and customer profiles for aspects like client-side configurations and location-based events.

"The shopping journey belongs to the consumer, not the brand," Adobe's Lindsay wrote. "Consumers decide when and how they want to engage with a brand, both online and offline. With Journey Optimizer, consumers can use their mobile devices to connect with brands in a variety of ways — whether it's via text message, push notifications or in-app messages."

Adobe's mobile capabilities also include a connector from Sinch, an Adobe Exchange Premier Partner, which is designed to enable brands to natively author personalized SMS messages within Journey Optimizer. Brands can leverage Sinch’s Conversation API, allowing consumers to connect with brands via two-way conversational mediums like WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber.

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