Aviso extended the reach of its cloud-based predictive sales forecasting capabilities with the release of Aviso Sales Vision (ASV) platform, which enlists artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to give sales people the data they need to drive sales performance.

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company designed the release to provide pipeline visibility and actionable insights. Aviso Sales Vision brings AI-based forecasting into a sector which "traditionally has been a slow adopter of emerging technologies," Aviso CEO Michael Lock told CMSWire.

Extending Aviso's Reach Through Partners, APIs

Along with ASV, Aviso launched its Aviso Partner Network and announced the availability of its Aviso API. 

The API allows Aviso Sales Vision to ingest virtually any data source for use within its predictive algorithms.

Additionally, Aviso partners can export the Aviso Score, which predicts the likelihood of a sales opportunity closing within a current quarter, into their technology solutions to deliver more value to customers.

Aviso CEO Michael Lock
Aviso CEO Michael Lock
“Sales forecasting has historically been a challenge but as organizations get more complex, market conditions toughen, and the competitive landscape increases, the need to control the tie between revenue to expenses is now at an all-time premium,” said Lock. Lock previously served as a founding executive of Google Enterprise.

“Knowing where the company can and should land 180 days ahead is the key to ensuring growth in market share, driving innovation and ensuring organizations are able to deliver on expectations.”

Sales Management, Forecasting

Founded in 2012, Aviso provides a cloud-based predictive insights software for sales management, operations and forecasting. Its cloud applications use advanced machine learning algorithms and portfolio management frameworks to generate scenarios, predict outcomes and understand risks.

Lock claimed Aviso offers the most comprehensive and deep AI platform for sales organizations. Many platforms are “dipping a toe” into AI, but Aviso is the only one whose genesis was AI.

“Having years of predictive modeling for dozens of customers allows us to know the intricacies of particular industries and business types. And this is what our customers are asking for,” Lock said.

“The question we answer isn't 'How do I save time updating opportunities?' Rather, we answer the question, 'How much revenue can I expect in the next six months and what is standing in my way of achieving this?'"

CRMs traditionally are unable to surface changes in a sales process or their effect on the opportunity.

This is a key differentiator for Aviso. AI forecasting platforms help organizations make sense of the millions of changes that happen in a CRM over the course of a quarter and boil them down to actionable steps to drive desired outcomes. Lock explained:

“CRMs need to embrace the arrival of AI forecasting as a tremendous value add to their extensive platforms. Also, given that Aviso provides a seamless inline experience with the CRM vendors, the change management needed is minimal, while the return is exponential.” 

Sales Forecasting Trends

Incorporating AI into sales forecasting increases in importance as the quantity of data grows within the enterprise. 

“The biggest trend would be the marriage between Big Data/AI and Sales,” Lock said. “Making AI part of a salesperson's life is the key. Reps and managers use Amazon, Netflix, Uber every day and those are AI-based companies. Adopting AI into their business lives will dramatically enable faster sales, bigger sales, and higher quota achievement."

Sales Vision is available as a stand-alone offering at $75 per user, per month and integrates with many CRM platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle.

Rather than viewing Salesforce and the like as competitors, Lock said Aviso aims to complement Salesforce as it moves ahead with advancements to its Einstein AI product line. It also plans to do the same with Microsoft.