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Had enough of 2020 yet? With the end so near we thought it a good time to look back at the most popular marketing content of the year.

Readers of in 2020 cared about a variety of topics, such as marketing through COVID-19, the future of marketing personalization, content's role in marketing and how to reach the full potential of their marketing technology stack.

Without further ado, we present CMSWire's top 10 digital marketing articles of 2020:

10. Why Marketers Can't Realize the Full Potential of Their Martech Stack

Houston, do we have a problem with the marketing technology (martech) stack? According to recent Gartner findings, we do. Gartner found in its Gartner Marketing Technology Survey 2019 that marketers only use 58% of their marketing stack’s full capabilities and potential.

9. Where Does Customer Experience End and Digital Marketing Begin?

Where does customer experience end and digital marketing begin? In today’s customer-centric world, the two practices are increasingly intertwined.

8. When Did B2B Marketing Become So Complicated?

Over the years, B2B marketing has gone from one extreme to the other. Before marketers embraced tech, B2B campaigns were largely built on gut feelings and guesswork. Now that they've welcomed tech with open arms, marketers are wasting time using every tool and metric under the sun.

7. Content Is Dead and We Killed It

Content is the lubricant of customer engagement. Buyers are attracted to brands with content that enables them to make a more informed decision. Valuable content keeps them coming back. Or so the story goes. The reality is we are all sick of content.  

6. Adobe Integrates Adobe Experience Manager Assets With Marketo Engage

Adobe announced an Adobe Experience Manager Asset (AEM Assets) Selector, which allows Marketo Engage users to access assets from Adobe’s digital asset management (DAM) offering. Why is this announcement so significant?

5. 7 Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

Social media marketing is never dull. Marketers face a raft of choices and challenges, including choosing which metrics to watch to gauge the success of their campaigns, deciding where to allocate resources and more.

4. Shifting to a Virtual Events Strategy

The world of events has seemingly gone virtual. Recent announcements from prominent brands signal that the run in virtual events may continue for quite a bit longer.

3. The Importance of Consumer Education in Today's Data-Driven Purchasing Journey

Today’s consumers are well-informed and rely heavily on online information before making a purchase decision. In fact, according to research by Conductor, consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately after they consume education content.

2. Why Gartner Thinks Most Marketers Will Abandon Personalization by 2025

Marketers chasing the idea of one-to-one personalized marketing could create false goals, work toward a “false finish line” and will likely burn out, according to Jennifer Polk, VP and analyst for Gartner.  Polk shared those thoughts with CMSWire after Gartner released a report that found 80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts by 2025 because of a lack of ROI, the perils of customer data or both.

1. Marketing in a Time of Crisis

Marketers talk frequently about how being agile and flexible helps them capitalize on shifting market dynamics, changing customer demands and competitive threats. Big things generally mandate a big course correction. All that talk about agility and flexibility? It needs to be turned into action. So where to start? For issues that impact your company alone, communications strategy and cost management should be your two immediate areas of focus.