NICE Systems, a provider of customer experience solutions, has announced its new conversational customer experience (CX) platform is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT. The platform, called NICE CXone, uses natural language processing and machine learning to enable businesses to interact with customers through conversational channels such as chat, voice and messaging.

According to company officials, one of the key features of NICE CXone is its ability to understand and respond to customer inquiries in a natural and conversational manner. Additionally, the platform also has the ability to learn from past interactions, making it more accurate and effective over time.

“This ground-breaking integration between CXone Expert and ChatGPT technology is a game changer for CX,” Barry Cooper, president of the CX Division at NICE, said in a statement. “By combining NICE’s deep CX-industry specific Enlighten AI models with the innovative conversational AI capabilities of OpenAI's generative modeling, we are evolving self-service to its inevitable next level, providing brands with powerful new capabilities to enhance customer experience, create more efficient customer interactions, and boost their brand engagement in a way that feels natural, friendly and human."

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VIQ Solutions Releases VIQ-ASR

VIQ Solutions, a provider of advanced digital media technology, has announced the release of a new proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. This technology, called VIQ-ASR, is designed to enhance AI-powered workflows by providing accurate and efficient speech-to-text transcription.

According to company officials, the technology is able to transcribe spoken words with high accuracy, which allows organizations to analyze and search their audio and video content. Additionally, VIQ-ASR can also be integrated with other AI-powered technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning.

“Our clients see the value in our ability to implement our integrated solutions and service offerings to transform and analyze digital content, and securely generate accurate actionable information,” Vahram Sukyas, chief technology officer at VIQ Solutions, said in a statement. “We continue to assess and add additional speech engines to our arsenal as needed, creating a high-quality user experience for our clients.”

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DX Center of Excellence Launched

The TDCX (The Digital Customer Experience) has announced the launch of its Digital Customer Experience Center of Excellence in Singapore. According to company officials, the center aims to pioneer new customer experience (CX) solutions, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The center will be working with a number of partners, including government agencies, to develop new and innovative CX solutions. The TDCX is a subsidiary of Teleperformance, a global provider of outsourced customer experience management services.

The Center is located at TDCX’s headquarters in Singapore and is led by Group Chief Operating Officer Angie Tay.

“Our clients are in a constant pursuit of optimization to maximize their finite resources. Amid the recent tech shake up, we see more clients coming to us to understand how they can enhance their CX strategy and standardize their operations globally,” Tay said in a statement.

“Our digital CX Center of Excellence will enable us to continue developing transformative CX solutions for our clients and further entrench our leadership in this market.”

Gainsight and Productboard Partner

Gainsight and Productboard have announced a partnership. Company officials said Gainsight, a customer success platform, will integrate with Productboard, a product management platform, in a partnership aimed at gaining deeper insights into customer needs and behavior.

Learning Opportunities

“There’s often misalignment between Customer Success and product teams. The two functions tend to be siloed, separated by conflicting priorities and miscommunication,” Dave Killeen, vice president of product at Productboard, said in a statement. “With this new integration, we’re bridging that gap between Customer Success and Product and giving them the tools they need to work in lockstep to deliver the features and enhancements that promote customer retention and adoption.” Releases AI Campaign in a Click, a generative AI company, has announced the launch of its Campaign in a Click product. Company officials said Campaign in a Click allows content creators to use a website URL, audio or video file, YouTube URL, or text content to create a campaigns worth of content tailored to best practices for the end platform. Campaign in a Click can be used to create Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn social campaigns — and leverages the company's proprietary AI engine, Charlie.

"Our AI, Charlie, can process data from multiple informational modalities at once, like image, audio and text, can create a cohesive narrative of unique content," Dr. Kostas Hatalis, CEO and founder of GoCharlie, said in a statement. "Solopreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our economy but are at a distinct disadvantage to larger players in the digital age. We want to put an easy-to-use tool that leverages cutting-edge AI into their hands. In doing so, Charlie becomes their resident AI marketer and makes us a partner in our customers' success."

RevSure.AI Debuts New Features for Marketing Insights

RevSure.AI, an AI pipeline platform, has announced new features to address customer pain points within data sets aimed at enhancing pipeline prediction capabilities. According to company officials, the new features are designed to provide marketing teams with increased insights into data and around lead-to-revenue projections.

“Today’s marketers have a gap in their data toolsets and are currently lacking AI-based models, and many CMOs are tasked with adopting and driving what will be effective, and winning, data strategies,” Deepinder Singh Dhingra, founder and CEO of RevSure, said in a statement. “Using RevSure helps provide marketing teams with intelligence and insights into their sales pipeline, and data that empowers them to strategically defend marketing budgets and pivot campaigns based on sales performance — both of which can be critical to sales success in the current economic climate.”

Simon Activate Powered by Snowflake

Simon Data, a customer data platform (CDP), has announced the launch of Simon Activate, a solution that gives marketing teams the ability to build advanced custom audiences by unifying customer data from their cloud data warehouse (CDW) along with additional sources. According to company officials, Simon Activate enables companies to create an actionable 360-degree customer view in days or weeks.

“It was a deliberate decision to build Simon Activate on Snowflake and the greatest benefit we’ve seen is that it has allowed us to better integrate with CDWs in a way other CDPs/Martech tools that were built on legacy architecture cannot,” Jason Davis, CEO, and founder of Simon Data, said in a statement. “Additionally, it has allowed us to build new products, such as Simon Activate, at speed as new customer needs and pain points arise.”

McKinney Acquires Influencer Marketing Agency

McKinney, a media agency, has announced it has acquired August United, an influencer marketing agency, previously owned by Audacious Studios. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, they provide influencer marketing capabilities from strategy to partnership management to content development and implementation. According to company officials, McKinney will also acquire the performance media arm of Audacious Studios, Tailwind. The acquisition will add 60 employees bringing McKinney's base close to 300 and expand the agency's reach through an office in Phoenix, adding to current office locations in Durham, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.

"The last few years have not only accelerated the use of social media in general, but also the time spent with user-generated content," Joe Maglio, CEO at McKinney, said in a statement. "Influencers are at the core of that growth, and as a result influencer marketing is becoming a more integral part of our clients' marketing plans. Micro and mid-tier influencers in particular — August United's focus area — have been shown to drive significant engagement and impact purchase decisions, and I'm excited to bring this expertise to our client partners."

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