Another Web3 company got a private equity boost.

Web3 community provider Metasky has raised $1.8 million. Sequoia Capital India and Woodstock Fund led the funding. Metasky offers tools for managing NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Metasky plans to launch a Web3 Wallet that allows users to buy and hold Crypto Assets (NFTs and crypto tokens). Metasky’s Wallet integrates with websites and applications and does Web3 app conversions.

“Metasky itself is organized as a decentralized community," Ankit Arora, co-founder of Metasky, said in a press release. "It is the most efficient way of aligning a group of people towards a shared goal. We want to walk the talk that decentralization is important, but it is a means to an end. Concepts like NFTs only make sense if they are accompanied with a strong set of utilities, a passionate community and real governance rights. We are building Web3 tools to serve this purpose.”

Ankit Arora and Prakhar Sharma founded Metasky last year. The company recently launched “Tanukibles,” which the company calls "a play-to-earn game which has started its journey as an NFT collection." Tanukis are animals native to Japan.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news ...

Typeform Raises $135M Series C

Conversational interaction platform Typeform has raised $135 million in Series C funding led by Sofina. General Atlantic, Index Ventures, Point Nine Capital and Connect Ventures also participated in the round. They are existing investors. New investors include Top Tier Capital Partners, GP Bullhound, Teamworthy Ventures and Trium Venture Partners. Typeform has raised more than $187 million.

“We’re grateful for the support and guidance of our investors as we continue to build robust full-funnel solutions, expand our global team and help customers engage their audiences and grow their businesses by enabling more immersive online, asynchronous, human-led experiences,” Joaquim Lecha, CEO at Typeform, said in a press release. His team will use the money for product development, support technologies, add employees and focus on strategic partnerships.

Typeform's personalized interfaces support data and workflow efforts in marketing. HubSpot, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Salesforce, Slack and more integrate with Typeform. Recent conversational interaction offerings include VideoAsk, a video conversation solution, and Typeform Chat, a no-code chatbot builder.

“It’s been our belief since day one that good design drives results,” David Okuniev, Typeform co-founder, head of research and development and lead designer, said in a press release. “Now, as our time is increasingly spent online, that’s more true than ever. Businesses of all sizes confront intense pressure to create a meaningful digital experience and find opportunities to make personal connections with their customers through online interactions.”

Typeform has 450 employees and has offices in Barcelona and San Francisco.

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Adobe Advances Adobe Acrobat Sign, Adobe Experience Cloud Integration

Tech giant Adobe has announced some updates for its integration between Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe Experience Cloud. It features a new Adobe Acrobat Sign connector for Workfront Fusion. This allows users to integrate and automate e-signing into their Workfront business processes. Companies, for instance, can use a web form to guide the process of onboarding a new user to sign documents. Companies can view the latest status on the document.

Adobe also announced Adobe Acrobat Sign Workflows in Adobe Commerce will be coming soon. Adobe includes integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms. It wants to also bring an Adobe Document Generation API, part of the PDF Services API in Adobe Document Services, to the Acrobat Sign and AEM Forms integration.

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Vurvey Launches Vurvey QR

Co-creation platform Vurvey has announced the launch of Vurvey QR. This tool is all about gathering feedback from customers, according to company officials. Users can add QR codes to the Vurvey platform.

“Vurvey QR enables companies to connect with consumers in an entirely new way and it makes it easy to place QR codes on product packaging, instantly turning any product into an opportunity for customer feedback,” Chad Reynolds, founder and CEO of Vurvey, said in a press release. “Largely driven by the pandemic, QR code use has soared in recent years and has been widely adopted by consumers due to its ability to enhance shopping experiences. We’ve also found QR codes make it significantly easier for customers to provide reviews and feedback.”

Customers can implement QR codes digitally and on physical items. Customers then get in front of a Vurvey campaign and can add video-based feedback, ratings and reviews.

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