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Adobe has injected machine learning capabilities into its Adobe Target optimization and personalization solution in a move designed to offer "one-click personalization."

The machine-learning capabilities are powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) framework the San Jose, Calif.-based company introduced last November, which is now integrated throughout its Adobe Experience Cloud.

The new feature, called "Auto-Target," is available as of today for Adobe Target premium subscribers.

Let the Machine Do the Work

Auto-Target will help marketers optimize personalized experiences with one click, enhance customer recommendations and targeting precision and automate the delivery of personalized offers, according to Kevin Lindsay, director of product marketing for Adobe Target.

The new capabilities allow marketers to set page variations and let the "machine see what's going on and optimize experiences for customers," Lindsay said in an interview this week with CMSWire. "You relinquish control of testing over to the machine .... It will learn as it provides experiences to consumers."

Adobe Target is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which includes five integrated marketing applications: Adobe Experience Manager, or AEM (web content management), Adobe Campaign (marketing campaigns such as email), Adobe Target (personalization), Adobe Primetime (video) and Adobe Social (social marketing). 

Kevin Lindsay
Kevin Lindsay

Auto-Target tips the scales in traditional optimization and testing with the addition of machine learning.

Companies can test experiences algorithmically as the machine learning engines take all variables and traits about a visitor into consideration — not just the traits and segments marketers necessarily deem important. 

It continuously optimizes experiences over time as the consumer takes additional actions, according to Lindsay.

Adobe Target-Analytics integration

Continuing Target Development

Adobe also announced updates to Target that include:

Recommendations with Natural Language Processing. Adobe Target includes out-of-the-box algorithms that predict the content, offers and products. Today, Adobe unveiled new tech for item and product recommendations using techniques based on natural language processing. The goal is to uncover underlying the intent of consumers’ behavior. It will be available this fall.

Automated delivery of one-to-one offers. Adobe released enhanced decisioning power in Adobe Target to help marketers determine the right offer for the right person.

Targeting with Adobe Analytics Cloud. Adobe announced a "tighter integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics Cloud" to help marketers utilize behavioral analytics and audience data to inform deeper segmentation.  

"We're continually trying to develop Target in a way that reinforces the notion of Target being the personalization engine of the Marketing Cloud," Lindsay said. "AEM and Target working together, particularly with our managed services offering, is a big focus for us."