Hootsuite is integrating with four major social media platforms — a move designed to help marketers engage with consumers on video content. 

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based social media management provider launched the integrations with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Hootsuite's business model banks on integrations with social media platforms. 

What's Different for Hootsuite Users?

Jeff Schaeffler

"Hootsuite’s new native YouTube integration brings the full capabilities of Hootsuite’s scheduling, collaboration and central monitoring to the most popular video platform," Jeff Schaeffler, director of product marketing at Hootsuite, told CMSWire. 

"This integration allows team members to leverage one platform to minimize complexity and streamline social workflow."

The new native YouTube integration allows organizations to respond faster to fans and followers by monitoring comments in streams with other social networks, he said. It also allows them to assign social tasks and responses.

Schaeffler said teams in marketing, corporate communications, customer service, sales, HR and any departments that share content across multiple social networks "will greatly benefit from these new integrations." 

"Organizations," he said, "can now use one platform to easily manage their YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos alongside other social networks."

Video Is Gaining Traction

In 2015, Facebook more than doubled its daily video views to 8 billion. YouTube has more than 1 billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet. US adults spend more than five hours a day watching video, according to eMarketer.

IBM doubled down on video earlier this year. Deloitte Digital at Adobe Summit launched its digital video engagement platform. Twitter announced a new video offering for advertisers this year.

Hootsuite, through its new YouTube video integration, lets users take advantage of both owned and unowned channels, from content discovery to campaign execution to insights through analytics apps in the Hootsuite App Directory. 

Hootsuite conducted a survey among 400 US and UK adults age 18 or older and found 58 percent of respondents are more likely to watch a video if it has been shared by friends or family on a social network. 

Learning Opportunities

They also reported humorous videos excel over instructional, product, or celebrity-endorsed videos: 62 percent of respondents are more likely to share a brand’s video on social networks if it’s funny, Hootsuite reported.

Inside the Integrations

Hootsuite officials promised organizations will be able to:

  • Multiply a video’s impact by sharing it across multiple social networks
  • Grow an audience by scheduling and publishing videos
  • Respond faster to fans and followers by monitoring comments
  • Monitor competitors, industry trends and uncover videos worth sharing 
  • Share access to YouTube channels across departments and teams
  • Use the Hootsuite iPhone, iPad and Android apps

These video capabilities are free integrations available to all Hootsuite customers. Hootsuite is also enriching its existing integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by now allowing users to schedule and post videos to their profiles across those channels.

Hootsuite social video integration

The YouTube Analytics Free app, available in the Hootsuite App Directory, offers insights into videos and channels, all available within the Hootsuite dashboard. 

Users can also upgrade to YouTube Analytics to gain insight, on a per video basis, into engagement levels, trending content, content discovery methods, playbacks, countries and sources of traffic, plus channel subscriptions, demographic and geographic information.

"Hootsuite is one of the only services that allows organizations to schedule and publish YouTube videos, monitor social streams, see performance analytics of videos, and engage with audiences all within one platform," Schaeffler said. 

"Social video is exploding. ... This new video integration represents an evolution in social content creation that began with text, followed by imagery and now video." 

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